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Concealment Within Concealment

Concealment Breslev
With the war going on and all the hardships we've been living through in the south of Israel, many people ask, "Where is Hashem?"

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev answers in Likutei Moharan I:56 - "Even in a concealment within a concealment, Hashem is certainly there."

Yoeli Klein made a beautiful melody based on Rebbe Nachman's holy words that is taking the world of Jewish music by storm. Here are the original words in transliteration, followed by translation (the first line is Yiddish, and the second two lines are Hebrew):

V'afilu B'Hastora - Even in Concealment

(1) Der Aibishter zogt inz, "Kinderlach, Anochi haster panai bayom hahu", ober di Rebbe zogt

Hashem says to us, "Children, I will conceal Myself on that day", but the Rebbe says

(2) V'afilu b'hastora shebatokh hahastora bevadai gam sham nimtza Hashem Yisborach

Even in a concealment within a concealment, Hashem may He be blessed is certainly there

(3) Gam me'achrei hadevorim hakashim ha'omdim alekha, Ani omed.

And behind the the difficult things that stand before you, I stand.

Here is a beautiful rendition of Yoeli Klein's new hit, performed by our dear friends Menachem Moskowitz and the Yedidim choir from New York. We've felt the bee's stinger, so now let's taste the honey - something good comes out of every tribulation and challenge; don't ever forget that!


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