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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


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the world will soon make a deal with ISIS and pay them blood money like they did with the PLO, IRAN, Hezbollah, Hamas etc.. leave us alone and we will leave you alone.

david katz

is the coffee kosher lazer? i think there is a shtickle chazer in the milchiks.

Miriam Sara

Shalom Aleichem . I'm more than concerned. I just read a ynet article which spelled out clearly all the new concessions Israel has gifted "Hamas", may their name be erased . --::(( speechless ....what's going on here? So who's in charge in Israel? I'm sending bli neder my children back to Israel soon and I'm scared for them.
Don't the Israeli leaders care about Am Yisroel ? It's like for weeks we in America have been hearing BiBi make all these promises and we in America are rallying for Israel and many soldiers have died and also the three boys and now we are giving Hamas a present ?!- this is no victory this is .... I don't want to write it....cv.
As far as waking up? Well many people who have emuna are awake and it's not our fault the people who are sleeping and put the nation in harms way are choosing this. They have free choice. I wish / pray/ed for truth to be spoken but instead we look like whimps and doesn't seem like we value life. How could anyone living in Israel tolerate the current representatives of their country?!
Will someone tell me please what Israel stands for ?
Hatzlacha and be well.


There is a prophecy about Edom(West) and Yishmael(East) fighting each other in the end of days. So hopefully Moshiach is on the way. We should definitely work on ourselves and our personal and spiritual growth and unity, to give us protection and bring redemption. I heard recently that one thing that helps our prayers be effective is the laws of guarding our speech. By studying these Laws, we can help our prayers, and merit many blessings and Geula


This video posted on Aish is enough to wake-up even the stoniest of hearts:



Nasrallah (Hezbollah) said that ISIS would eventually fizzle out.

I suppose that's a Shi'ah's version of heavy spin.


S, let us not forget the Erev Rav who get in the way of this war.

R' Brody, teshuvah-yes, unity-yes, to the extent that we can.

But, one does not unify with the Erev Rav.


Shalom Rabbi Brody... Thank you for this article... we are praying that HaShem protect the whole world from the evil and wicked ones and destroy His enemies and scatter them.

Rabbi.. thinking of something this morning... The IDF exposing those tunnels that are so deep below the surface, a definite threat to Israel ... makes me think of our hearts. Deep within our heart are tunnels of things we've buried that no one knows about but us... if we haven't chosen to forget about them... But to move forward, and destroy these things that will destroy US... we have to root out those "tunnels" that are buried in our heart.

Thinking of Israel as the Heart of the world...and maybe HaShem is telling us everywhere in the world that teshuva is needed... we must root out those tunnels we've allowed in our own hearts that "house" wicked things that can destroy us... popping up, out of no where and ... there it is!! Wicked thoughts, wicked deeds, wicked words that have been buried deep....

Do you think that maybe even, one message HaShem is giving to us in light of these tunnels, is for the whole world to expose those tunnels in our heart and root them out?

As the tunnels of THE Heart/Israel... is being exposed... we have to expose our hearts before Him so that we can defeat the enemy within and without...???


During the past few weeks Swedish air space has been violated by the USA and by Russia. The US has apologized saying it was a mistake (as if they can't direct their air force and suddenly got into Swedish territory on a low altitude...) Russia is just laughing at the Swedes.
Today one of the big news in Sweden is a Muslim in Sweden calling into a TV show in Arabic to tell that he is part of the ISIS movement and that they will start a war in Sweden.
Put the two things together and don't be surprised if one of the major centers of the war between Esau and Ishmael will be right in Scandinavia.

Many Swedes are very angry, at whom? At the Jews. They claim the Jews in Sweden brought the Arabs there to begin with, so as usual it is our faults...


Wow! What anonymous wrote about the tunnels is brilliant!


Very nice analysis, but there are multiple messages in ISIS.
First of all, it is a takana for the Arabs who are so nice to diminish Israel for protecting itself and taking sides. So now one from within them will kill so many Muslims that the Muslims themselves will shutter. They are only getting started. A massive blood letting will follow.

Then, when they get to fight Iran in the ultimate Shiaa Sunni war, it will be a huge Muslim on Muslim destruction. This will likely preceed the coming of Iran to try to seize Israel. Stay tuned as this war has only gotten started.


Song of the sun like in king Hezekiah's day- but to remove all evil.

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