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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


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Levi Yitzchok

I am very dissapointed in what I have read. It is true what is happening in Iraq and else where in the middle east is horrible. Isis or the Unislamic state is guilty of the worst atrocities this is not main stream Islam but in fact is radical Islam. I'd like you to show me where in the Hadith or the Quran where these statements or views are found. as you know there are many things in our books which don't show the goyim favorably. I am not Netueri karta I am anti Zionist Orthodox Jew. What you are writing will not help with what is going on in the world today. It is doing nothing more than creating hate and Islamophobia. During the Inquisitions where did most Jews go, to Muslim Countries. Christians have killed far more jews then Muslims.
I don't think Rabbi Nachman would condone such condemnation of another religion. Oh by the way the Arabic word jihad means to struggle not literally to wage holy war. Stuggling with the things that afflict us in everday life as well as going to war with those that afflict Muslims in the way they live and worship Hashem, because of this I have withdrawn my membership in your organization. May Hashem bless you with understanding in clarity in all things.
Kol Tov, Levi Yitzchok

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