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Moshiach, Now?

Do we really want Moshiach to come right now? Does anyone have the slightest idea of the ramifications involved?

Several leading rabbis and Kabbalists, such as Rabbi Dov Kook of Tiberias and the "Chalban" ("Milkman"), Rabbi Chaim HaCohen Farchia, have said recently that the Geula, the full redemption of our people, has already started. Since I knew that I'd be asked about this during one of my upcoming radio appearances, I turned to my esteemed and beloved teacher, Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a, to get a crystal clear emuna-oriented outlook on the subject.

Rav Shalom made my sidecurls stand up. He told me the following spine-chilling story:

A group of secret tzaddikim – whose names I am not at liberty to mention – came to visit my holy teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz osb"m, not long before he died. They composed a letter to Hashem demanding Moshiach, right now. They all signed the letter, but they lacked one critical signature, that of Rabbi Yehuda Zev. They knew that if he would sign it, then Hashem would have to bring Moshiach right away. They appealed to him, but they didn't expect his response…
Rabbi Yehuda Zev bolted upright in his wheelchair. He pointed a reprimanding finger at one of the secret tzaddikim. Like an upset lion, he asked, "Were you in the Holocaust?" The tzaddik shook his head in the negative. Rabbi Yehuda Zev turned individually to the second, to the third and to the fourth tzaddik and asked them the same question. None of them had lived through the Holocaust. "Well I did," roared Rabbi Yehuda Zev, "and I saw with my own eyes the indescribable suffering that our people experienced on their own flesh. I never want to see that again! Are you willing to take responsibility for the grueling tribulations that our people will undergo as a purification process, if Moshiach comes and they're not ready?" None of the tzaddikim were willing to accept such a responsibility. They aborted their idea then and there...

* * * * *

Does that mean we should stop hoping for Moshiach? By all means, no! But, we must prepare for him and understand that the current Gaza War is aimed at helping us to do just that. Read all about in in Rav Shalom's eye-opening article Moshiach, Now? in this week's must-read issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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I pray that we do what we need to do so that we can be ready to receive Moshiach


As our nation urgently needs a nationwide Teshuva movement, could the same group of secret tzaddikim be consulted to compose, in the name of all Jewish people, a Petition to Hashem asking for forgiveness, guidance and help with a national Teshuva effort. While signing the Petition, each undersigned will take upon himself fulfillment of a certain mitzvah. For some people it might be the first mitzvah in their life, while for the others it might be a more rigorous work on improving character traits, strengthening the Emuna, and other. As we yearn for Geula in which every single Jew will be redeemed, the Petition should be made widely accessible on the Internet in several languages including Hebrew, English, Russian, and Spanish. And with G-d's help, this surely can be done.
"It is not upon you to complete the task, but you are not free to idle from it.", Pirkei Avot 2:21.
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With all due respect, the rabbi who is quoted in that article will benefit from an update of the divrei tzadikim which are kayamim la'ad:

The Lubavitcher Rebbe already back in 1988 spoke of such an attitude (one who claims that the Jewish people are not yet ready for Moshaich). The Rebbe explains there that Moshiach must come now and indeed the Jewish people are ready:

It is already time to make a halachic ruling that the Geulah must come immediately...all the work has been completed, even "polishing the buttons".

And when somebody comes and claims that Yidden are still not prepared and ready for the Geulah, etc., we say to him: Who asked you? Why do you get involved in these things? What is lacking is by YOU, that you think they are still not ready, DO TSHUVA and then even you'll see that they are ready and prepared for the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.
(Sicha Vayeshev 21 Kislev 5748)

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Moshiach has come but can't be they can wait still untill they see

David Aharon Lindzon [Lindsay]

Two famous stories come to mind re Moshiach. One that is written in the Talmud Rabbi yehoshua ben levi met moshiach and asked when are you coming? Hayom -Today ... the next day the rabbi met him and said Moshiach you didn't come like you said.... Moshiach replied I'm coming TOday... if you will listen to my voice

The Ba'al Shem Tov had a meeting with the Neshama of Moshiach and asked When are you coming, Master? The answer was When your wellsprings [of your Torah ] will spread outside ....

We are in the days of preparation for the Cosmic Shmitta the friday before the Shabbos with just over 200 years left and Hashem has caused many signs to happen that occurred in this year 57-ed the year of witness This conming year 57 ayin Heh the shmitta year reminds us of Psalm 121 Ezri Mei-im Hashem ... the farmers leaves their work on the farm in Hashem's Hands as his fulfillment in Emuna and bitachon. We should continue to prepare for Hamas all out attack This Rosh Hashona as was revealed by hashem to us,.

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