The War of Emuna: Gaza, 2014
Another Major Hamas Scheme Foiled

Ride Your Troubles

Ride Your Troubles
I entered a Jerusalem bookstore, looking for a book that I couldn't find anywhere else, a commentary of Torah written by the Rabbi Yitzchak Caro osb"m, uncle of Rabbi Yosef Caro osb"m, the author of the Shulchan Aruch. When the store owner told me that he had a copy, and told me the price that was remarkably reasonable, I started to thank Hashem then thank him, blessing him profusely. The store owner then asked me, "Are you from the South, from Ashdod or Netivot maybe?"

I replied, "How did you know? Is it written on my forehead?"

The merchant answered, "No, nor am I a Kabbalist. It's just that you southerners have a certain smile and a certain tone - I don't know how to describe it - it's like you're full of emuna."

I started to think; the missiles from Gaza have probably done more than anything to make us southerners strengthen our emuna and cling to Hashem. We're reminded constantly that our lives are totally dependent on Hashem. So in that case, the missiles have been ultimately good, for they've brought us closer to Hashem. With emuna in mind, everything is from Hashem and everything is for the best. As such, when we realize that our troubles come from Hashem, we can ride on their backs and they'll just take us higher and higher.


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Is this the commentary you were talking about? Enjoy the sefer!

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