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Parshat Ekev: Hashem's Solution to the Tunnel Threat

The 5-Day Ceasefire

Israel decided to turn the other cheek from the 5 missiles that were fired from Gaza last night, and has agreed/succumbed to US Executive-Office pressure to extend the ceasefire for another 5 days.

Since the beginning of the war, Israel has not initiated  a thing, only reacted. The current anti-emuna government with its lack of conviction and backbone has never had a clear objective; they never clarified their goals - even worse, they never agreed on the goals. So, in lack of a clear objective, the military can't possibly have a clear strategy or know what it's doing. The army on many occasions fought with one hand tied behind its back because of the politicians' indecisiveness. 

Since the Israeli Government is officially violating the Torah in a number of areas, Hashem let it become subservient to flesh and blood. That's how Obama is able to force Bibi to accept a ceasefire that saves Hamas from a knockout, then turns around and denies Israel an arms shipment. Like everything else, this too is from Hashem and for the very best, to show Israel that it can depend only on Hashem.

Israel has nothing to gain unless Hamas is totally disarmed or destroyed. Until such a time, Israel cannot agree to the opening of Gaza's borders, for then, a free-flow of weaponry to Hamas will begin from North Korea, Iran and other terrorist-supporting countries. Yet, in order to gain another year of quiet for the Tel Aviv's sidewalk cafes, the Israeli Government will probably agree to a charade of Abu Mazan and the Fatah controlling Hamas's borders. People in their naivete forget that Hamas overthrew the Fatah in armed combat back in 2007. They'll do it again in the snap of a finger if need be. Bennett, Liberman and Katz will yell and scream, and Bibi will force every chair-loving and emuna-lacking minister in his cabinet sign a Gaza version of Oslo that will be the last nail in Israel's coffin of deterrence - wait and see. I pray that everyone will do teshuva and I'll be proven wrong.

Israel's problem is that it's leaders lack emuna - they are therefore confused, indecisive and self-contradicting. A government that adopts Torah transgressions as official policy while doing everything to uproot the world of Torah is not a government that will benefit from Divine assistance.

The war with Hamas is like a debt that Israel owes. The ceasefire is like a grace period. But, even if the lender gives the borrower another month or so to pay back the debt, the debt must be paid. Meanwhile, the lender would be wise to use the grace period for making as much money as he can to repay the loan.

Hamas and the terrorist attacks, both missiles and on the ground, are the result of our transgressions. As we see again and again, the terrorists cannot be eradicated by military or political means. As such, Hamas is the result of our unpaid spiritual debt to Hashem. We repay it by doing teshuva and by spreading emuna. We should therefore utilize the ceasefire to spread as much emuna as possible and to bring as many people as possible close to Hashem. As soon as Israel comes back to Hashem, Hamas will disappear like mist in the morning sun.

The ceasefire, as we shall see, solves nothing. Unless Israel spreads emuna and makes teshuva en masse, the next round of hostilities will be all the more difficult. So, ceasefire or not, Israel must come back to Hashem. Our soldiers and our populace are a most wonderful people - I believe they will, soon, amen. 


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