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The Empty Kindergarten

Ashdod Kindergarten

Less than an hour ago, two Hamas missiles were fired on Ashdod, the second attack of the day. The Iron Dome intercepted one of them, but the other landed in the middle of town, hitting a kindergarten playground. In another of Hashem's miracles, no one was injured.

As I've said several times, southern Israel is known for its humor, especially in tough times. The latest joke is emphasizes the high level of academics in Israel: "In Israel, the only one who needs an education is the Minister of Education". Minister of Education Shai Piron is one of the leaders in the battle to secularize Yeshiva education, wanting to change the way our precious children have been learning Torah for centuries. None of his other decisions are any less ludicrous - he declared that schools in the south will be reopened tomorrow...

In sharp contrast to our national leadership, Ashdod has a wonderful mayor, Dr. Yechiel Lasri. Our mayor put his foot down and told his highness the Minister of Education, "Don't tell me how to run my city. As long as missiles are falling on Ashdod, our children won't go back to school." Hashem showed just how right Dr. Lasri is, with today's missile falling in an empty kindergarten.

Shai Piron, what would you have done if that kindergarten playground was full?

Thank G-d we can depend on Him, because the government certainly doesn't seem to know what it's doing. 


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Leah Chantzi

I am so upset by the constant agreement to cease fire. I am grateful that Hashem is our Father who protects us.


As the war raged on Yiden from all over the world didn't know were to run, how to act or how to think. want to thank Reb Brody for helping us through it understanding the deep and real reason for everything. May Hashem bless him.

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