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Somebody approached me on the street earlier today and asked, "If Hashem does everything for the best, then why did so many missiles penetrate the Iron Dome's defense system in Ashdod, like the one that landed in the kindergarten on Tuesday?"

I complimented the man for his superb question. I answered him, giving him three reasons:

1. Hashem wants us all to know that He guards over us and not the Iron Dome missile-defense system.

2. Hashem wants us to put all of our faith and trust in Him, and not in weapons, high-tech or anything else.

3. Hashem wants us to see His miracles, like in the case of the gas station, so that we'll all wake up and return to Him.

As such, it is Hashem who is behind the Iron Dome's success and its failures. It's also Hashem behind all of our successes and failures. There is no one but Hashem - ein od milvado!


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Lazer Beams are a bright light and comfort in a dark world. HaShem bless for these enlightening posts.


Everything is from Hashem EXCEPT yiras shomayim--following Torah and mitzvos. It it our Torah and mitzvos which determine what Hashem does. Hashem only rains down good things for His people, especially in the land where His eyes are on it from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. If we see something undesirable, it stems from our side.

When 22 students and 3 teachers were killed at a school in the terrorist attack on Ma'alot in 1974, it was discovered that exactly 25 mezuzos there were invalid. The Lubavitcher Rebbe likened it to a soldier who doesn't wear the helmet that he was issued--if he is killed by the enemy's bullet it is still the enemy who killed him. But had he worn the helmet he would have survived the attack.

The Rebbe said repeatedly that even talking with the enemy causes casualties. During the war in Gaza there were extensive open miracles. Once the government halted the fighting and began "peace talks" we see that the casualties have shot up. Hashem didn't do this (in the simple sense in which the question was asked); rather, the leadership in Israel which is concerned more with world opinion than Jewish lives caused it.

Shulchan Aruch O.C. 329:6-7 declares Torah's opinion on the situation in Gaza: "Regarding non-Jews who besiege Jewish cities...we go out with weapons and desecrate the Shabbat. In a city that is near the border, even if they just come for straw or hay, we desecrate the Shabbat. Rem"a: Even if they haven't come but they want to come" See here:

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