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The Key to Positive Thinking

Shavua Tov, a wonderful new week!

People ask, with all the chaos and strife in the world, and much of it in our own backyard, how is it possible to maintain a positive outlook on life? The answer is easier than you think...

With Hashem's guidance, I try to make our emuna lessons practical, so that each one has a gift that you can put to direct use to make your life sweeter and more successful. This one has an important tool that's priceless, a gift from my beloved teacher Rav Shalom Arush that I'm delighted to share with you:


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I was thinking that recently. We talk about the Government and Bibi and politics, and that they aren't doing enough etc. While yes, Hamas needs to be destroyed. But who makes us successful? Hashem(G-d) It's not the government in charge. It is G-d in charge. The responsibility is on us to improve ourselves however we need to. Then G-d willing, we will have redemption. while it might be difficult, we can each make a difference.

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