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The Last Rosh Hashana?

Rav Dov KookThe holy Rabbi Dov Kook shlit'a of Tiberias (image, left) said this morning that every individual must
make every effort to be righteous, for this coming Rosh Hashana could be the world's last Rosh Hashana. Rabbi Kook is no headline-grabbing alarmist, but quite the contrary - a holy tzaddik who stays far away from the limelight. A word to the wise is sufficient; teshuva is definitely the order of the day.

Hashem doesn't send us these types of messages to scare us. With the Gaza War and the missiles reaching everywhere, Hashem has certainly been sending us a lot of wake-up calls lately. He only wants our best - to bring us close to Him. Only fools ignore repeated messages from the King...


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M.A. HaLevy

Yesterday and tomorrow are man's downfall. Today you may be aroused towards God. Don't let yourself become discouraged because of what may have happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow.

No matter where a person stands, there are always reverses. Many people become discouraged as a result and stop putting any real effort into their devotions.

That is why you must "Repent one day before your death (Avot 2:10)."

"Before your death" is your entire life. During your entire lifetime, you may be worthy of only one day of repentance.

This one day is more precious than all treasures. For what does a person gain from all his worldly effort? Nothing remains of your entire life other than this one day when you return to God. - Sichot Haran #288

M.A. HaLevy

It is better to be a fool who believes in everything than to be so clever that you do not believe in anything.

If you believe in everything, some of your beliefs may be foolish but you will also believe in the truth. However, when a person is too clever and does not want to believe in anything, he may begin by ridiculing falsehood and folly but can easily end up so skeptical of everything that he even denies the truth. - Sichot Haran #103

Shmuel Schramm

Is this what we current see in the world and by us the beginning? what ever, be strong Children of Yisroel and turn back to torah the word of out holy G'D B"H


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Leah Chantzi

We are so so close. So close. Teshuvah and be good to one's fellow Jew and to mankind. See the pettiness of most of our issues with others. If it is difficult to work with someone, then don't judge them at all. Leave it to Hashem if too difficult,just leave the judgement out of it.


The Rebbe of Lubavitch asked that we would all be redeemed every one of us at one moment. That means no one left behind. If a tzaddik would not harm a fly- how could Moshiach leave a Jew be behind?
I think he also said we would be redeemed even before we make teshuva.


מתפללת שחרית כל יום ותהילים,,, ומוסיפה ב"ה ב"נ מנחה, ולימוד הלכה אחת לנשים כל יום ב"הה

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