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Emuna News Analysis: The US-Iran Alliance

The Protective Umbrella

"Is it for real?"

"Yes, it's for real," I answered. "Without me knowing your family, I'll bet that everyone has been healthy during the past six months and that all your children are doing great in school."

"How'd you know that, Rabbi?" For the last six months, ever since Mike's former boss was transferred to a different branch office, Mike's new supervisor has been making life unbearable for him. Mike has wanted to throw in the towel 35 times already, but finding a new job in his field is not so simple, especially in the current economic climate.

Mike is a real mentsch, a great husband and father, kind and charitable, considerate of others and honest. He's the type of person that will go out of his way to do favors for people, expecting nothing in return. Over the years, he has grown in his emuna that everything is from Hashem and that everything is for the best. But now, Mike has hit a spiritual brick wall. He knows that he's facing a tough test of emuna but he can't understand why Hashem is giving him such difficult tribulations.

If you feel like Mike with your own heavy peckal'e - your sack of troubles - read my feature article in this week's issue of Breslev Israel web magazine, Spiritual Iron Dome - it's bound to make you feel much better.

This week's Torah portion is Ki Tetze; the Torah gives a remedy for soul fatigue and weak bones. Sounds incredible? Check out Spiritual Calcium.

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Bright Beams blessings for a beautiful new week!


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