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The War of Emuna: Gaza, 2014

Rabbi Natan Arush.Emuna Outreach Tefillin Gaza

Image, above - Rabbi Natan Arush puts tefillin on a soldier stationed on the Gaza border - image courtesy of Emuna Outreach

The Jewish People revere life. When we make a toast, we say l'chaim, "to life." A Jew is allowed to break almost every commandment in the Torah to save a life. As Israel cherishes life, the loss of 64 soldiers and 3 civilians in the recent hostilities have brought all of us unspeakable pain. But, those 67 martyrs - together with the three martyred yeshiva boys who were kidnapped and murdered several weeks before the war broke out - total a painful price of 70. Yet, the death of these 70 martyrs prevented what could have turned out to be history's worst terrorist attack, Heaven forbid.

Many people are disappointed that the recent round of hostilities, aka "Operation Protective Edge" or "Gaza War, 2014", did not end in a decisive, clear-cut military victory for Israel. Indeed, in boxing, this would have been a split-decision, where in the absence of a knockout, the winner would be decided according to the points given by three judges at ringside. Militarily, Hamas claims victory, maintaining that their leadership and their power to fire rockets against Israel's cities have both emerged unscathed. Israel claims victory, citing its successful campaign against the Hamas assault tunnels and the overall damage it did to Hamas. Nevertheless, no one in Israel can guarantee that all the tunnels have been destroyed. Furthermore, as we witnessed right before the recent ceasefire was declared, Hamas still succeeded in firing rockets on Israel's southern cities and villages.

So who won the war? Is it over? Read my feature article, Gaza, 2014: War of Emuna in this week's thought-provoking issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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