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Three B's or One B

Daniel Tregerman
Just an hour ago, Ashdod was again attacked with missiles from Gaza, shortly after some idiot government spokesman issued a statement that Hamas's missile stocks are depleted and they only (sic) have short range mortars.

Also an hour ago, 4-year old Daniel Tregerman Hy"d (image, above) from Kibbutz Nachal Oz was laid to eternal rest. He was killed on Friday from A Hamas mortar. Gila and Doron, Daniel's parents, had left their home in the south due to constant rocket fire from Gaza, but decided to return just a few days ago partly on the promise of security officials, including Chief of Staff Benny Gantz who said that residents of the south would be safe. We here in Israel are heartbroken - little Daniel is everyone's son and grandson. May the ever-so-pure little martyr intercede in our behalf, amen.

Are we really safe, Benny? Will our children be able to return to cheder this coming Wednesday? Only because of Hashem's loving kindness, and not because of the Three B's (Bibi the Prime Minister, Boogie the Defense Minister and Benny, the Chief of Staff). The Three B's lack one B, bitachon, trust in Hashem.

In the last 28 days of fighting, Ashdod alone has been attacked 96 times with hundreds of missiles. (Update, 11:45 AM - another missile attack, which brings the total to 97). Hamas is still firing at us. The government vacillation, inaction and fear of what foreign governments will say has the IDF virtually paralyzed, as many IDF commanders have expressed off-the-record in total frustration.

Much could be done that hasn't. Gaza can be severed. The areas of the Gush Katif settlements could be reclaimed. The war should end when Hamas raises a white flag.

The Government must immediately get off the fence, enlist Hashem's help and do what must be done to return calm to the south of Israel. Among other things, this includes fighting the real enemy - Hamas - and to stop fighting the cheap populist battles and the World of Torah. The Government must realize that without Hashem's help, they're as weak and ineffective as a rubber duck. The empty bravado must be replaced with sincere public prayers. Once they truly turn to Hashem, He'll never let them down.

Update, noon - less than an hour after I wrote the above emuna update, former IDF Head Rabbi Avichai Ronski shlit'a expressed very similar sentiments, here.


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