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Cosmic Voyage: A Journey into the Vastness of Creation

The Beams is happy to take you on a journey of the macrocosm. Now think how Hashem makes the effort to confine Himself within your heart and brain, to make sure they're functioning properly. The author of this presentation probably had no spiritual intentions, but, I find this a mind-boggling aid in contemplating the vastness of Hashem and His lovingkindness. Fad and political correctness can't dispute the truth - Hashem is the King, the Master Creator.

Do you think you know how big Hashem is? He's infinite, beyond anything we can fathom. See for yourself:


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Wow! Thanks Rabbi


Para hacer otro comentario tengo que verlo de nuevo seguro que esconde maravillosos secretos inspira la espiritualidad Thanks.


I really enjoyed this. When I teach Torah and am teaching about the vastness of HaShem I usually explain about the distances to the stars and relate it to the verse in Yeshayah 40:12. Astronomy is one of my favorite subjects.


Beautiful.... thank you.

Ben Mansheim

This concept was originally demonstrated by Charles and Ray Eames in "Power of Ten" (

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