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Emuna News Analysis: The US-Iran Alliance

Imagine that the USA and Iran are on a date together in an expensive restaurant. When the waiter brings the check at the end of the meal, they charge it to Israel. Sound like a joke? It's not, for Israel is about to pay the price of the growing US-Iran romance...

When I wrote a mere three weeks ago in Does Anyone Smell the Coffee? that Iran and the USA were quickly becoming aligned, quite a few people thought I was deranged. But here it is - at the very moment, Iran and the USA have joined forces against ISIS. Once again, we are seeing the to-the-iota manifestation of what the holy Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz osb"m said that Israel will not be able to attack Iran under any circumstances. 

Although people in Israel think that the ceasefire with Hamas is a license to return to the sidewalk cafe culture of Tel Aviv, they're wrong. Hashem wants more emna and teshuva, right away. The coming wake-up calls will be much louder. Here's how:

1. As long as the current US Administration is in power, Israel will pay the price of enhanced Iran-USA ties, manifesting itself in eroding military and political support. As such, even if Israel had the emuna, ability and courage to strike Iranian nuclear installations, the USA would veto such plans.

2. As a result, if Israel doesn't make teshuva en masse soon, we'll be looking down the loaded barrel of a nuclear-capable Iran in the nearest future.

3. Even if those in Israel think that they can diffuse the situation by giving the Palestinians their own state, today's Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) poll shows that a full 61% of Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza would pick Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh for unity government president if elections were held today. That means that any Palestinian state would be an expanded Gaza, dedicated to Israel's destruction.

4. Radical Islam now sits on Israel's northern border as well as on the Gazan border.

5. Since Hamas and Al Qaida have condemned ISIS, don't be surprised if the US gives a kosher certificate to Hamas, especially under the cosmetic front of the "legitimate" (sic) representative of the united Palestinian people. Simply speaking, the USA will legitimize a regime that is committed to the destruction of Israel. That's what is in the process right now between Washington and Tehran.

All of the above is an Elul message from Hashem that we can trust no one but Him. With teshuva and true emuna, all of the above stern scenarios will turn around for the very best.


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David Aharon Lindzon [Lindsay]

BS"D As I mentiond earlier before my computer went down for repairs We are in Elul of the year ED ... and like you said we were witness to Miracles Now we entering the year Ezrat Hashem We will also note that this year is also the year Eretz yisrael returns its land back to Hashem, in observing he laws of Shmitta. Are we ready to do this?

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