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Better to be Kind

Better to be kind

The holy Chazon Ish osb"m said that the Downs people and the autistics are the souls of tzaddikim (high righteous individuals) who come into the world to facilitate our soul correction. They need no soul correction, that's why they lack free choice.

Kindness is a trait - and a soul correction - that many "go-getters" of modern society need to learn. So what if the Downs people and the autistics are different? You're right; but, it's better to be kind than right.


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Robert G van Dijk

Wow ... Baruch HaShem!

A truth I kept carried in my heart for a long time.

That one quote just blew my mind ... and, frankly, just at the time it needed to be blown ... No pun intended ...

To reveal a truth like that ?

G-d, how I love His Torah and His Chosen People; may HaShem bless Am Yisrael always and forever, from this world to the next ...

Blessed be the name of his righteous kingdom for ever and ever !

Blessings, greetings and love, always

Robert G van Dijk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Marc Bienenfeld

What About me Rav Brody. This is Moshe Bienenfeld from Los Angeles. I'm Autistic but I'm high functioning enough to where I can interact with the world around me although It's true that I rely on State services and couldn't function on my own. How do fall into this category?

Brent Carter

Down's people and autistic people lack free choice? Obviously you don't have much experience with them. They aren't these magical angles that came here for our benefit. They are just as much people as you and me and can certainly make choices.

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