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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


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Puah yiska

...such a beautiful photo, thnx:)!
Encouraging lesson also, thnx:)!
Spiritual calestetics stabilize our core for sure; yet, we often overlook our core when "everything seems to be going well" from the lense of if it's not broken don't fix it; but, in spirituality we learn to invest in our core so that we will be solid, strong, genuinely happy and prepared to cope when challenges arise.
I recall learning in parsha vyeitzei that the area of Yaakov's body that was wounded corresponds with hod which is (I'm simplifying) related to being able to express jewish self-esteem which seems to be one of our biggest challenges as individuals, as well as, a nation to rectify. The rectification of that would is being able to say truths such as: Israel is g-d's gift to the Jewish people and it's not theirs to give away; I'm shomer mitzvot with confidence ; I am not shaking hands cause I'm
learning/ I am a modest jewess; etc.
Hatzlacha rabba to klal yisrael in all our endeavors:)
Shalom and blessings:)


Jewish End of Days just did a great post on our isolation. The 138 nations that voted to destroy us correspond with the two names for Mashiach, Tzemach and Menachem, both of whom have the Gematriah of 138. 41 abstained, and 9 voted for our continued existence. Any vote for Palestine was a vote for our unilateral destruction. Looking at the 9, subtract Israel itself, and there are really only 8. The US said NO to maintain control over what it believes is a perpetual Peace Process that will never occur anyway as reward for Netanyahu's surrender on Day 8 of the Gaza War. Every scream of Pollard from his prison hospital bed negates any reward for the American NO. Panama: I have no idea why Panama voted NO. Czech Republic because they remember the Golem made by the Maharal and how he saved Prague when he ended the Golem's career. So there is likely hakarat hatov for that. Canada is simply run by a righteous gentile named Stephen Harper who gets most of his support from Western Canada. Then there are four island nations in the South Pacific. May the Okianus HaSheket continue to give them peace and quiet for years to come. I have never been to Micronesia or the Marshall Islands. Perhaps someone can elucidate on the reasons why the South Pacific and Panama decided not to leave us totally alone in the world. I need no explanation for evil in the world, but I am pleasantly surprised when goodness rears its head in an otherwise lost world.


We're still prying for a Geulah Rachamim right? Turkey prince generation. Spiritual catonists.
Hopefully the nations will understand the simple message, when you bless the Jewish people the nation is blessed. Looking forward to viewing how Hashem chooses to sanctify His name in the final Redemption. Personally I'm hoping for the kindest way possible for our people's ingathering. Like the last psalm in Tikkun Haklali! The nations can view how loved we are.
We are living in the culmination of all the dreams of our people. Best time to be a Jew! Darkest night to Brightest Light!

Robert G van Dijk

"when you bless the Jewish people the nation is blessed"

That a pattern I too have seen, all over His-story.

Pleased to see somebody else picked up on that ...

Baruch HaShem, I may know little ... but even I, as a Noachide (as I understand it to be His will, tho Lord knows I'ld love to be Echad ha Am Yisrael), know Hashem will never leave His Chosen People ...

With love & blessings, always

Robert Gabel van Dijk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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