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A Condolence Call to Rabbi Arush

Dear Rabbi Lazer,

I wanted to leave a comment on your website along with all the other condolence comments, but it felt so impersonal. As a grandmother myself, I can't bear the thought of (a million times Heaven-forbid!!!) losing a grandchild. I know that Rav Arush's emuna is great and he surely accepts Hashem's judgments with love and without a doubt, but I'm sure he has pain too - tremendous pain. I couldn't live through a test like this. How can I do something really meaningful, to convey my condolences and ease some of Rav Arush's pain? I owe so much to the Rav for his books and CDs, which have added so much light to my life. I want to do something for Rav Arush in return. What do you suggest? Sincerely, Betty Sorren, NJ.

Dear Betty,

Thank you so much for your kind letter. Nothing makes Rav Arush happier than when another human being in the world calls out the Creator's Name. In that sense, nothing in the world is more important to the Rav than spreading emuna. I suggest that you pick up 100 emuna CDs which are subsidized and distribute them in memory of Feigie Channa bat Shimon Machlouf, Rav Arush's granddaughter of blessed memory. If you are unable for some reason to distribute them on your own, you can donate the cash equivalent to Emuna Outreach (see top left-hand toolbar on this site) and we will distribute them for you in the IDF, Israeli prisons or Israeli hospitals. Rav Arush will surely be comforted to see this letter. All the very best, LB


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JC Johnsong

After reading the news that Rav Arush's granddaughter had died in the car crash ... I was moved to give out CDs in her memory. Now that I read this post ... I see my early impulse was correct.

Peace and comfort be with all who knew Rav Arush's baby granddaughter. And prayers for all the family that are recovering from the crash in the days and months ahead ...



My heart is broken with what has happened. I don't know why Hashem brings such suffering to the righteous. Rav Arush, through his books and online content, has been such an inspiration and guide for me through hard times. I wish I could help him the way he has helped me. I pray for his and his family's well-being.

Farida Singh

Praying every day for Rav. Arush and his family. His books have been such an inspiration and his sorrow is my family sorrow too... and all our love and support is with him and his loved ones.


Please pass on my condolences, such difficult news.

Lisa Brown

I wept so hard when I heard about the crash and the loss of Rav Arush's granddaughter. May Hashem give peace to Rav Arush and his family. May Hashem grant those who survived the crash and a speedy and complete recovery. B'H

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