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Thursday, 29 January 2015


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Miriam Sara

Hey everyone shalom and I've been on a sabbatical from commenting for awhile and even though I've never been to Israel, I am so happy I have good eyes bli ayin hara to view this video of the Dead Sea. Wow, it's vast! I appreciated seeing the flowing waters and also seeing the "mud" (I am thinking this is the expensive healing mud:))
It's name: the Deas Sea is it's name: yet, it rejuvenates people's ailments:)
Thank you lazer beams for the this website.
Blessings and hatzlacha rabba, selah.

Emunah Murray

Extraordinary footage! It almost makes me cry -- the exquisite beauty of our Holy Land. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Shegitz

Wonderful video! Calls to mind the flash flood that stopped our bus on one of the tours of Israel. The varied colors are so beautiful, but even better when there. Thank you for the video and I'm truly trying to plan another visit soon.

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