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Mister V Exposed

Mister v exposed

The most disappointed, angry and frustrated person on the planet after Prime Minister Netanyahu's miraculous upset victory in our recent elections lives on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. He now wants revenge.

It's no secret that the President of the USA, Barack Hussein Obama, openly hates the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu and tried everything to oust him. The Senate is even investigating the Obama administration's use of US tax dollars to fund the campaign to defeat Bibi in a blatant mingling of our internal affairs. This was only the tip of the iceberg, for below the surface, much more anti-Bibi ( a polite name for anti-sovereign Israel) activity was going on. At any rate, as we wrote yesterday in Protecting the Pursued, Hashem has special compassion for the pursued; The Almighty showed Obama who runs the world. Obama doesn't like for anyone - including Hashem - to put him in his place. All his conniving, plotting and scheming didn't work. Bibi and the Likud won the election in a miraculous decisive 6-seat win over Herzog and the Labor Party (Zionist Union). BHO is really angry. He can't take revenge against Hashem, but he'll certainly try do so against us. We are already seeing and hearing White House aides - prompted bey the boss, of course, spew the nastiest venom about Israel. Expect to hear more.

Now, before Pesach, Hashem is exposing the true face of another modern-day oppressor, BHO. Nearly seven years ago, a full 4 months before the US Presidential election, I predicted that Obama would win the election. Hashem painted a picture for me that was clear as a bell. Hashem took BHO out of nowhere to make him President of the USA. Obama's rise to power began on Tisha B'Av. So, I called Obama Mister V, which stands for victory and veneer. Again, 6 months before the 2012 USA election, I told NYC pundit, my good friend Dan Friedman that BHO would win again. Dan will be happy I'm sure to vouch for that. It's all part of the Geula blueprint. But now, as BHO has already had his victory in two presidential election, the veneer comes off.

Several observant onlookers knew that BHO, since his Marxist background in university, has always been pro-Palestinian-in-Chief, but now its plain for everyone to see. For a long time, he's been looking for an excuse to go for Bibi's jugular. Our Torah does not allow us to stand idly as one tries to spill the blood of a brother. But more than that, BHO doesn't mind spilling the blood of millions of my brothers; otherwise, he wouldn't close a blind eye while Iran finalizes its nuclear weapons.

There's nothing new under the sun; in the abovementioned "Mister V" article, I also predicted that Obama would "negotiate (and be buddies) with Iran, Syria, and everyone else, and Israel will stand alone with no one to turn to but Hashem" - again, bingo thanks to Hashem. This is really good news for us, because it's also part of the blueprint of Geula.

Don't worry, People of Israel: if you think that Obama is selling Israel down the river, you are wrong. One cannot sell what he does not own. In case no one has informed Mr. Obama, we are not only a sovereign nation, but the only democracy in the Middle East. There's Got-your-backnot an Arab in all of Israel who would prefer to live in any of our neighboring countries. Come visit us and see their standard of living, and you'll understand why.

Alas, Mr. Obama's current behavior is no surprise. We are so happy to see the "I have your back, Israel" veneer come off...

I love to see the enemies of Hashem reveal their fangs. King David says that Hashem breaks the teeth of the wicked. Does the White House Staff have a good dentist? Pharaoh fooled around with the Jewish People, and he lost much more than a tooth. May Hashem awaken our friends in the USA - a truly great country - before their current Pharaoh loses their entire country.


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That's right. You have said it loud and clear.


Rabbi, your emuna slant on things is something we don't get anywhere in the media. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for telling it like it is and please continue to do so.


I welcome your Emunah analysis of current events - needed more than ever now!

Doug Reynolds

someone pointed out to me once, and i have paid attention to it since. whenever the US government meddles in Israels business, God punishes us. shortly after bush and rice complained about building somewhere or some such, God sent hurrcaine Katrina and Rita. The day after BHO called for the restablishment of the pre 1967 Israeli borders, God sent that big tornado to whipe out Joplin, Missouri. pay attention to what's going to happen to us next, it's the atfat principle.


OM G-d, now I remember. You DID call him Mr. V! for V-15! But why V? Could it be a Vav? since 15 is Yud Key? and Vav is the 6 million Jews here who are here zecher nishmot HaShoah who died in the 6 years of the Shoah? Why did you call him Mr. V seven years ago? I know, you will say veneer and victory, but something got in your head to call him Mr. V for another reason.

Frankly I am relieved that this is coming to a conclusion by coming to a head. I could not tolerate Tzippy Livni as Mistress of Justice (blah) for even one more second! As I have been telling my friends, we have 6 more months of Olam HaZeh, and that is it. Hey there is that 6 again!

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