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New Height of Treachery: USA Exposes Israel's Nuclear Secrets

Above image - US satellite image of Dimona Reactor in Israel from 1968, declassified by USA and now plastered all over cyberspace and the world - courtesy of via

The ink isn't even dry on our emuna-news op-ed from yesterday, Mr. V Exposed, where I wrote that the disappointed, angry and frustrated White House now wants to revenge against Israel for reelecting Bibi. Well here it is folks - put a grenade in the hand of an arrogant and frenzied individual and there will soon be shrapnel all over the place.

The President of the United States has just betrayed Israel in the most inconceivable way: he has just revealed a stunning amount of information on some of Israel鈥檚 most closely guarded secrets, including our nuclear program, complete with photographs. You can believe that there's dancing in the streets of Tehran, Damascus and Beirut this morning. We thank The Jewish Press and our good friend Mark R. from Haifa for the tipoff.

Does anyone still have any doubt about the treachery in Washington, DC? How can any Jew support a regime that intentionally endangers 6 million Jews (does the number sound familiar) in Israel?

One thing I'm delighted about - our prophets said that once the Geula begins, Israel will stand alone with no friends. Terrific, let's get on with the full redemption of our people. Brothers and sisters wherever you are, please come home soon - it's time to leave your Egypt while you still can. Today, your president betrays us, tomorrow he'll betray you. Like I said yesterday, BHO's anti-Bibi psychosis is really anti-Israel, and the anti-Israel is really anti-Semitism. It's all coming down, and things are happening faster than we can write.


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Miriam Sara

.....馃槨馃槺馃槹.... Disgraceful, alarming and utterly sickening:(

B. Cohen

Time for each us to act, by bombarding congress with phone calls, 202-225-3121, and asking Democratic supporters of the President to speak out against his irresponsible behavior. In addition to harming our close ally and outpost of American values in the Mideast, OBAMA IS CAUSING GREAT DAMAGE TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. (Also, complain to the White House 202-456-1111)

F Callen

Hi Lazer,

This story actually broke BEFORE the election - in February. Seems the speech to Congress was enough...

David Smith


Thank you for your consistently emunah-based insights and words of wisdom! The panoply of events surrounding and impacting our modest nation at the hands of the nations, friendly or otherwise, does nothing so much as convey the urgency in our arriving at the pshat, the conclusion, the fulcrum of leverage that 注诐 诇讘讚讚 讬砖讻讜谉 讜讻讜壮 is not a curse but a blessing. May this realisation empower and encourage (讞讝拽 讜讗诪抓) the considerations and actions of our leaders and the rest of us in the trials ahead, B"H!

Orietta G Weinstein


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