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Monday, 06 April 2015


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Brent Carter

You don't need sages to tell you that pushing people is wrong. It's common sense. I've traveled the world and I have never seen craziness with pushing like I have in Israel with ultra religious people. It really is a joke how they actually think they are "holier" than other people when in fact they lack even the basic common sense of human decency. Its a complete joke and just shows religion is more about self worship than anything else


No words...no words....


Unfortunately, most of the people who need to read this will never do so (internet, English). This terrible tragedy raises the wider issue of the elevation of mitzvot bein adam leMakom over those bein adam lehavero.


People were pushing because of their love for the tzadik; in fact, the man who passed away was an orphan raised in the home of the tzadik. It was Hashem's will that someone who was so close to the tzadik in life should now be close to the tzadik and that his passing should be a lesson to klal Yisraael to have more derech eretz.
However, there are better way to honor a tzadik, such as to learn and spread his teachings.


And the young children in Israel are the worst, pushing elders without any qualms or common human decency.


The comment from "S" - How absolutely shameful to justify this pushing - there is certainly no mitzva to judge this behavior favorably. And we DO NOT give religious platitudes explaining the death of 2 people that were entire worlds to now grieving families. Such comments are truly out of place!

The Rebbetzin of the Lubavitcher Rebbe ztk"l once pushed another Jew in order to save their life. Although she saved the person she still went to ask for forgiveness - WHY? - because she said for pushing another Jew one must do teshuva. She saved someone's life!!! And still felt the need for forgiveness because she could not reconcile this with the ugly act of pushing. This story shows the emes and and your comments reflect the sheker haolam and are grotesquely insensitive.

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