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Tuesday, 16 June 2015


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You should stress this in Bold: The Dow Jones Indus. Avg., the most well known stock index in world history fell on the 29th of Elul 5768, on the very last day of that Shmittah or 7th year, an astounding 777.7 points which was a 7% drop in that esteemed index.

The Signature of G-d is Truth.


rav love you and your torah , please bless my parnassah so I can move to israel with my father asap . yoav ben frumah

comment on matzav


Also consider that and global preparation and provocation..coupled with unprecedented military buildup and asset deployment across the US at this time ... this is the twilight zone.

Robin Ticker


As Chairperson of Afsi Brooklyn, I would like to hold a meeting or series of meetings asap in my house to advise tachlis re: IRA's or investments, assets etc. in case of a dollar crash before end of Shemittah cycle. If you know of trustworthy individuals, people whom you can vouch for, that can advise us re: investments in Israel, either in real estate or otherwise that would protect peoples lifesavings and assets in case of a $ bust please let me know asap faigerayzel@gmail.com. (I am a blogger, check out shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com) I will do my best to spread the word. The clientelle here in Marine Park Brooklyn, are basically ehrlich, middle class families with high tuitions and mortgages and sometimes car payments and perhaps would consider investing in real estate in Israel if affordable and there needs to be someone who can manage their investments (renting, maintenance, in their physical absence) I myself made Aliya and bought an apt in Kiryat ARba in 1980 which cost me less than $20,000 including lawyer's fee. It was the best investment of my lifetime even though at the moment I live in Brooklyn. Perhaps also people might consider buying burial plots in EY. TY and KT


The "Messianic Rabbi"/Pastor who invented this concept does not have an adequate answer to the following question. Perhaps you do:
Why would a non-Jewish country have anything at all to do with Shmitta and the Torah calendar?


Itzik the world goes by the Jewish calendar, all over the world


It is very irresponsible to make such doomsday claims,not being a prophet. And misleading people who want to build Eretz Israel in N.America. The debt of Deutsche Bank is $ 57 trill,more than USA..So it is also a bubble. Remember it is a fiat money and governments get creative to avoid their disaster zones.
Scare tactics to serve your agenda based on false or misleading indicators are not a responsible way to detach people from their welfare and jobs.


You might find this interesting:


Yaakov Bonastruc Saporta Nahmanidjes

Isaac; people reacted the very same way when my maternal grandfather & Zeev Jabotinsky forewarned of the holocaust. Halevai that more had heeded there "scare tactics"....
Stay there in your comfy home while we "poor silly fools" live in our Holy Land.

Yaakov Bonastruc Saporta Nahmanidjes

The entire world is owned & operated by the same Lord Creator who is our Big Boss, HaShem. The entire world goes by HIS calendar which is what we recognise live by, even without them realising it, just like an severe autistic or CP person is fed cared for, has electric lighting or not even though he has no idea why & how.

Sam Averbucj

I think this says it all

YK, Israel

I pulled my money from the States 3 years ago and invested everything in Eretz Yisrael. No regrets!

I would add a caveat for anyone who wants to invest in Eretz Yisrael - invest in kosher funds. These are funds that have been certified by Eida Chareidit to follow halacha. Generally, investment brokers in Israel will go for the most profitable funds and not consider halacha. There are investment advisors who are knowledgable about kosher funds and can work with your tax preparer to guide you. In addition, Eida Chareidit has a rav (from the States) who can answer specific questions. When you invest in HaShem's land according to HaShem's laws, you invite blessing on your investments.

But, as Rav Brody wrote, don't just send your investments here - bring yourself also!

Lori, The Netherlands

Isaac, it is not a scare tactic. It is reality. It is a wakeup call to SAVE LIVES. There are those who have worked in big Finance. They have seen how very bad it is. Numbers do not lie. When things go financially wrong, who gets blamed? History repeating itself is not a scare tactic but reality.

Without spiritual awareness, everything looks fine. No need to worry says the one in a spiritual stupor.

I had read the history of all the changes that happened before Nazi Germany opened up the floodgates. The signs were there but many thought it could never happen in the most progressive, civilized nation at that time.

Bless Rav Lazer Brody for blowing the Shofar on this issue.

A Jew in the Holy land

Yashar koach YK,Israel. I was unaware that there are "kosher funds". Investing in Eretz Yisrael is a great merit that will pay dividends in both worlds!


Thank you, Lazer Beam. I have read your book about Emuna.

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