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The Battle for David's Tomb

Moshiach is right on our doorstep. The prophets tell us that the final battle for Moshiach and Geula will begin on Mount Zion; Mount Zion is the site of King David's holy gravesite. The Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church are claiming this holy place for themselves. The Pope has laid tons of cash on the tables of Israel's highest officials to further their sinister designs. Earlier this week, the xtian idolators tried to enter King David's holy gravesite with their incense and crosses (image #1, below) to hold their mass. These are the very emissaries of the Dark Side, trying to delay Geula and Moshiach while defiling holiness, Heaven forbid.

Hashem kindled a holy spirit in my beloved teacher, Rav Shalom Arush, who stood up like a lion to protect King David's gravesite against the profane intruders. He came with a Torah scroll and prayed there (image #2, below). When the young men of our yeshiva tried to prevent the idolators from entering the holy gravesite area, they were carried off and arrested by Border Police (images 3 & 4, below). Ultimately, Rav Shalom, in his courageously peaceful manner, came to a compromise with the Police; only ten of the xtians would be allowed to enter, but with no incense or crosses and with no religious service.

Today, you can find Rav Shalom and a minyan of our students at King David's holy gravesite almost every day at 7 AM. The fight for the sanctity and the mandate over this sacred site is the very fight for Moshiach. We won't give up. As in boxing, we'll see who's standing when the final bell rings. With Hashem's help, it will be us, not them (see image 5, below, from earlier this morning).

Things are happening very quickly. G-d willing, we'll be sharing more Geula news in the near future. One thing I can say - the next best thing to greeting Moshiach is to pray on King David's holy gravesite. It's Heaven there, literally. No wonder the Dark Side wants it so badly. We don't depend on power of any sort - only emuna in Hashem, something that no one can ever take away from us.


Image #1, above: Idolators trying to enter King David's holy gravesite, escorted by Israeli Border Police


Image #2, above: Rav Shalom Arush leding prayers by King David's gravesite.


Image #3, above: Border Police disrupting prayers at King David's gravesite


Image #4, above: Border Police arresting yeshiva students who refused to allow the idolators to enter the sacred site of King David's tomb

LB David Hamelech

Image #5, above: Lazer Brody in a personal prayer vigil at King David's sacred gravesite


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Rav Nachman said , My fire will last until geulah is a parable, he meant because of me fire from Hashem will come at geulah to devour my enemies.


Yasher koach for all of your efforts! Please keep it up and may we see the Geulah very very soon!!!!


The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that what are needed to bring Moshiach in actuality are AKSHANIM--stiff-necked ones. Yashar koach.


Zech 14:14 - and Yehudah will also fight Yerushalayim.
Apparently, starting with the border police.


Isn't it unclear that this is exactly the tomb of DAvid HaMelech?


How distressing Israeli officials would sellout their own heritage, history and identity. How could one be so lacking in self esteem?


reconciliation between Western orthodoxy and eastern orthodoxy has bin occurring only fairly recently, but overshadowed by more Charismatic Clergy in cahoots with Messianic Politicians;

both patriarchal shepherds guard flocks that include millions of crypto anusim, so be cognizant of the emunah intrinsic in that collaborative development, please

furthermore, instead of a Defensive Military stance, be better prepared to welcome sudden, unarmed visitations, if anointing oil and clean water isn’t handy, unless you would prefer Greater theatrics at your doorsteps

i would expect Common courtesy, at the very least, since your followers have been occupying the shrine for so long all ready, beginning with shalom, for starters, if you are not accustomed to proper hosting

these were elderly emissaries, baring robes and gifts from the east

obviously, i am disappointed by the preliminary reception

the lack of care and recognition for antiquity IS extremely deriding

don’t be foolish and entertain a mob mentality, when faced with harmless stone and thorny wood, otherwise forget about the levitical vestiges, and merely be absorbed back into Israel, while greater y'hudim languish due to profound Generational Impairment


Mr. Anunimaus, with all your flowery rhetoric, your "harmless stone and thorny wood" is nothing other than idolatry, one of the most heinous sins of Torah. Thank G-d we have tzaddikim like Rabbi Arush who stand up against this.

miriam sara

Shalom Aleichem and I commented initially so now I am reviewing the subsequent comments and the comments are an interesting mix of very emotional, rational and a few including the original post seem to be judgmental, much one can write in response to these comments but like the sages say, in my own words, at the end of the day the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed because of baseless hatred. I am not perfect, but I have lived a couple decades of adult life so I have had loads of life experiences and have integrated a perspective of acceptance of the following: most people acknowledge a G-d of their understanding... we as Jews, often breeze over the prayer of Eloki Neshama in the morning, but this is our prayer acknowledgement of G-d being our King. As far as I know the laws for what behavior defines *Idol worship* are very different for non-Jewish people.
I recognize the alarming emotional reaction to a religious person bringing their ritual paraphernalia to a King David"s kever is not the ideal. I also recognize how R*A elevated the situation by educating everyone there and ultimately bringing more of Hashem's light to the situation with a compromise. Let's be clear and assume that the religious people's intention was to desecrate the site by anointed it with their paraphernalia -- ok that hurts-- but our job is to represent the truth to the best of our ability and make a Kiddush Hashem and not fall into blaming and attacking our brethren, in my humble opinion.
As far as the boarder patrolman's behavior, well, here, consider, what if your son, nephew, grandson wants/ed to become a boarder patrolman and is excited, should we onlookers bash their behavior? We look like fools when we do this and the healthy youth who have an awareness of Hashem and are spiritual people don't want to be associated with critical comments and behavior.
Lastly, what is the big picture here: We are a nation of priests and kings and we are a light onto the nation--geez-- think--reread--hold up our mirrors and ask ourselves--do we believe this and am I able to portray royal behavior?
Be well and have a happy, blessed Good Shabbos

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