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Sunday, 05 July 2015


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comment on matzav


Continuation of Hashgacha Pratis - loud and clear! From Years of Awe blog before Pesach:

Today that just ended was the 13th of Nissan.   It was Erev Erev Pesach.   2400 years ago Haman the viceroy of the Persian Empire signed a deal with his King Achashveirosh (pronounced Xerxes by the Greeks) to annihilate every Jew in the world.  And then they sat down the two of them to sip some old brandy, and the City of Shushan was "perplexed".

Now skip forward 24 Centuries.  If we take Rav Shlomo Riskin Chief Rabbi of Efrat and former Rav of the Lincoln Sq. Synagogue in the Upper West Side of Manhattan at his word, then Obama in the US White House is Haman again.  And Haman in the W. House just signed another "Deal" lo and behold on  ....... the 13th of Nissan.... with the Mullahs running the modern version of the Persian Empire to pave the way for their attainment of a nuclear warhead.  And once again Shushan is Perplexed....  We are in process....



All the doomsday prophecy seems a lot like yeush. We can and should do teshuva. HaShem loves us and has NO interest in destroying us - the entire point of the suffering is to wake us up to do teshuva. Believe in yourself, believe in klal Yisrael and believe in HaShem. We can bring the geula b'rachamim by doing teshuva and we have to believe this to be true.


We definitely need to improve ourselves in whatever areas we need working on. If we are not how, then we should pray For Hashem to help us and guide us on the right path so we can follow Hashem's ways properly and bring redemption soon

YK, Jerusalem

Given the frightening development of current events, the soaring rates of assimilation and intermarriage, the continuous assault of tumah from every side, the damaging effects of the erev rav, and yiridat ha'dorot, it is logical to think that the chances of geulah b'rachamim are close to nil.

But wait - isn't this the thinking of the 10 spies? They could not see a wonderful future living in closeness to HaShem. Rather, they felt too weak to successfully enter the land. They felt doomed. They didn't believe that they would survive the experience. They didn't believe in themselves and how much HaShem loved them.

We need to remember Calev's response: He quieted the people and assured them that they certainly can enter the land because this is what HaShem wanted.

We need to quiet ourselves and to remind ourselves that HaShem wants us back more than anything. He's been waiting millennium to be reunited with His children. We have a wonderful future ahead of being closer to HaShem than any human since Adam HaRishon!

Let us use current events to spur us to return to HaShem. If we make our best efforts, at whatever level we're at, HaShem will help us to succeed.

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