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Eretz Yisrael - to come or not to come?

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Dear Rabbi Lazer,

Is it safe to move to Israel? I want to make Aliya, but I'm afraid of the security situation. Thanks for your kind attention, MT, Teaneck, NJ

Dear MT,

The Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a holds that Eretz Yisrael is the safest place in the world for a shomer shabbat (a Sabbath-observant Jew), but the most dangerous place in the world for a mechallel shabbat (one who desecrates the Sabbath).

In all fairness, I have to be candid and tell you that even for a shomer shabbat, the Rebbe says you must be prepared to come down the ladder 10 pegs in standard of living, in order to go up the ladder 100 pegs in ruchniut (spirituality). As a general rule, ruchniut and gashmiut (materialism) don't mix (see Maor VaShemesh, parshas Behar). If a person's goal is Torah, mitzvot, and raising his family in an atmosphere of purity and holiness, then the Rebbe says yes, by all means, come right away with his blessing.

Note also that even if a person is a shomer shabbat, but Torah and Kedusha are not that person's highest priority, the Rebbe says to remember what the Gemara says - Torah, Eretz Yisrael, and Olam Haba (the world to come) all come with yissurim (tribulations). In this case, the Rebbe says that there are a myriad of individual considerations, especially since each case has its own merits. As such, he can't give a general answer. He reminds us though, that Eretz Yisrael is the palace of The King, and one must be prepared to live by the palace rules.

Summary: For those who are looking for Torah and kedusha, the Rebbe says to come right away, for Eretz Yisrael is the best place place in the world. For those who don't intend to observe Torah and mitzvot, the Rebbe shlit'a warns that E"Y is the most dangerous place in the world. For those in the middle, ask your local Rabbi, for each case has its own merits. Blessings always, LB


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Yaakov Bonastruc Saporta Nahmanidjes

The Melitzer Rebbe is indeed a holy man worth paying attention to. I can add for those who additional onfo, I have close contact with several of the "Hidden 36 sages" of our times. They all tell that yes there will most likely be great turmoil in the near future, wars, natural disasters etc as HaShem sanitizes & rearranges HIS world. Even here there will be some trouble BUT here is The Holy Land of Israel it will be safer than anywhere else. Also the full true Geulah will be here first.

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