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It All Adds Up

Gemara in IDF

Above - IDF infantry soldier learning Gemara in his off-duty time - image courtesy of Emuna Outreach

Up in Shamayim (the Heavens), the seemingly unglorious mundane day-to day mitzvoth that a person does with uncompromising perseverence 365 days a year is much more respected than the bombastic once-in-a-lifetime headline-grabbing mitzvoth.

Take for example a page of Gemara; some people ask, "what's the big deal" or "so what?" The snobs turn their nose up at a person who's not in Kollel or is not some big Rosh Yeshiva. Let me enlighten them: you have no idea how much Hashem loves the guys who make an honest living, then come home to learn Daf Yomi, a daily page of Gemara. Today, Hashem is especially rejoicing in these guys. Do you know why? 

The working guys prove that anyone can learn Gemara today; there are online lessons in English, English-Hebrew Gemaras, and Daf Yomi lessons in every neighborhood. You can finish Daf Yomi during your lunch break, learning while you munch. Many people do this too.

Daf Yomi is a great replacement for the morning newspaper with your morning coffee. Hashem doesn't get any gratification when you read the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal, and not from the Jerusalem Post either. He gets untold gratification when you learn Daf Yomi.

Even if you fly through the Daily Page in 30 minutes, it all adds up. After 7 years, look what you've accomplished. I know a retired taxi driver who has been learning Daf Yomi for over 60 years straight! He's in his late 80's, and his head is as clear as a bell. After his 120 years on earth, he'll be higher up in Gan Eden than most rabbis.

It all adds up.


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Where can I learn Daf Yomi in English? Do I have to be a Jew to do this?

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