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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


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miriam sara

hmm...I am with you R'Brody ...
Silence....... Darkness......Dread.....Uncertainty....
To be fair, its not like we have a Moshe Rabbeinu to lead us in a body which would really clear up the doubts of how precious we our to Hashem. I feel most people, who can see, do well with visuals--😊-- my visual, my Moshe Rabbeinu is the Lubavitcher Rebbe obm and my emunah and bitachon is expressed by fulfilling the basics of Judaism as consistently as possible.
On a practical global level I believe firmly that Israel is viewed as unimportant and worthless to anyone other than the 1/5 of the Jewish population who are awake and that the call of the hour is for us to be extremely courageous and take the risk to eliminate the grave danger we the Jewish people are in.
Am Yisroel Chai, amen.

comment on matzav


Meanwhile here's news from the American front:

A mysterious military vehicle mobilization continues across the US, it has been ongoing for several months now with miles long trains and other convoys carrying tanks, armored vehicles and other heavy duty military equipment have been seen and photographed/ videotaped all over the country...with seemingly no official explanation as to what this is all for. More can be seen below with the kick off of "Jade Helm" military "drill" tomorrow that's scheduled to last 2 months covering almost the entire southern US (officially) and with no media presence or reporting allowed on it to "protect the identity of the special forces involved." This "drill" is supposed to take place across civilian territory by the way.


Then there are the multiple Wal Marts that mysteriously closed down following the announcement of the drill and something is very fishy:


Finally just in time for the economy to crumble and already seeing hundreds and thousands of retailers going out if business guess what - new mall openings just in time for what!!??


Look at the pictures...can it happen in America? With surveillance cameras being put up on intersections and freeway on ramps and other 'escape' routes brings us back to Rav Yehuda Zev Leibowitz's warning some years ago.


Look up executive order for slave labor Mr. Obama 502 signed into law the other week...

Please help wake up the slumberers to teshuva!!!


Kol hakavod on this important post.

For some reason most people suffer from the delusion of: "it can't happen to me" (with respect to personal suffering) and "it can't happen in America" on a national level. All the many people who, unfortunately have suffered personal tragedy, were just regular Joes like everyone else until it hit them. The same goes for many of the Jews of Germany in the 1930s who were living their cultured, upper class lives. It is very hard for each one of us to face our own human fraility and vulnerability, and more comfortable to take solace in the familiar and the apparently solid. Part of the trauma of victims of all kinds of horrible suffering is the disbelief of what is happening to them. From a comfortable and familiar reality to total bewilderment.

I truly hope that history does not repeat itself and I pray every day that Hashem will bring us the complete redemption with kindness for every Jew, and that we will all merit to make teshuva and greet the Moshiach. B"D.


Thank you for sharing R'Brody!

This makes sense!

As you said: We can trust no one but Him.



There is one difference between Chamberlain and Obama. Chamberlain was an appeaser of tyrants. Obama IS a tyrant with a Rainbow Swastika...and is therefore infinitely more dangerous in his so-called last year and one half in Office.

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