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Yonatan and Aaron Raz'el: Ibdu

Four Words of Gratitude

Thanks so much, Hashem
It's alarming how four-letter epithets have become so mainstream that people use them with not a bit of shame. Speech reflects one's inner dimension, so the "curse words" indicate a "cursed life". No wonder so many millions of people are depressed! Why not convert the four-letter anger words to four-words of gratitude? Watch how your life will make a dramatic change literally overnight...

Today's emuna shiur and broadcast, entitled "Four Words of Gratitude", will take place this evening (Wednesday), G-d willing, at 7:00 PM local time at our Chut Shel Chessed Yeshiva, 13 Shmuel Hanavi Street, Jerusalem, in the main sanctuary. You can see today's lesson here - the broadcast, as well as our lessons posted from now on - are Mac and iPod compatible. If you tune in too early to the live broadcast link, you'll be sent to the main page of the Breslev Israel website, so try to tune in on time

As always, the live shiur is open to the public - both men and women are welcome - so if you're anywhere near Jerusalem, come on by! If you are not able to view today's broadcast live, then G-d willing, you'll be able to see the video tape of it on this coming week on Lazer Beams.


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