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Iran Bakes Under 164F Heat

Burn Like a Furnace
It's hot here in Israel, with 100+F temperatures. But, with a heat dome hovering over the entire Middle East, temperatures in Iran are hitting a searing  heat-index of 164F! We don't have to worry about their nukes, for if Hashem wants, He can melt them...

Is this an indication of the imminent Geula?

The prophet says that right before the Geula, "The day will burn like a furnace" (Malachi 3:19). Our sages elaborate and say that as Geula approaches, "Hashem will remove the sun from its covering. The righteous shall heal in its heat but the wicked shall be doomed in it" (Tractate Nedarim 8b).

What can a person do to spare himself and his family of the birth-pangs of Moshiach and of the Gog-and-Magog turmoil? If you're Jewish, begin to observe the Sabbath. If you're not Jewish, accept the Seven Noahide Commandments. There's no better insurance.


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At first it sounds ridiculous and too extreme. What happened was it was 115 and the humidity was 90% and so it felt like 164, which is extremely hot.
We definitely need to prepare ourselves for the Geula, keep Shabbos and hold on to Hashem and each other

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