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Dear Rabbi Brody,

I'm 19, and torn between two worlds. On one hand, I want to be a Baal Tshuva - I love Lazer Beams, but I get inspired and then end up surfing over to one of my favorite porno sites, and then (...severely edited - LB) ... I end my day going to sleep super depressed and disappointed in myself. Why can't I just be courageous enough to start putting on tefillin and keeping Shabbos? Rabbi Brody, can you help me out? Can you explain to me what's happening to me? I'd be forever grateful. Thank you, Steven from California

Dear Steven,

Every soul requires a heavy dose of love. Jewish souls especially require a refined, ultra-high spiritual octane form of love that Kabbala terms Chessed d'Kedusha, or lovingkindness from the realm of holiness. This love is achieved by dedication in performing a mitzva, by prayer with Kavanna (focused intent), by Torah learning, and by doing charitable deeds for one's fellow human. Also, this love is attained through a gratifying marital union.

The laws of the spiritual realm are similar to those of the material realm. Just as there is no void in matter, there is no void in spirituality. When a person fails to provide his or her soul with Chessed d'Kedusha, then the sphere of Chessed d'Sitra Achra, or Impure (unholy) lovingkindness, fills the void. Promiscuity and pornography are prime sources of Chessed d'Sitra Achra, all dangerous and addicitive, the type of chocolate-covered poison that destroys one's soul, Heaven forbid.

Simply speaking, Steve, we need to help you replace the detrimental elements that have pervaded your soul with the beneficial. Here's a gameplan that I'd recommend for you:

1) Torah - in LA, there are plenty of Torah lessons. Start attending them. In fact, you can catch me here this weekend. Also, begin learning as much of Rebbe Nachman's books as possible - they're an amazing balm for an aching soul.

2) Immerse yourself in a mikva as much as possible.

3) Say psalms 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, and 150 every day - this is called the "Tikkun HaKlali", a general all-purpose spiritual medication for a soul that's been infected by Chessed d'Sitra Achra.

4) Talk to Hashem every day in your own words, and ask Him to help you.

5) Steve, build a life without the web - there is life after the web!

Steve, most of all, don't be down on yourself. Don't listen to the hellfire and brimstone preachers that send people to purgatory and give you a guilty conscience. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev says that if you believe you can make a mess of things, then believe that you can correct. Consider coming to Israel for a year or two for Yeshiva, and if that's not possible, think about a local Yeshiva for Baalei Tshuva. I'd like to see you make some solid spiritual gain, and then meet a wonderful young lady and start a family within the next two years or so.

If you would realize the satisfaction that Hashem has from your fight for Kedusha (holiness), you'd be jumping for joy all day long. This is your true freedom, Steve. With Hashem's help, you're going to go a long way. Hoping to see you, Lazer Brody


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Puah yiska

Hey...courageous letter / inquiry .....couple comments and possible suggestions ....RE: #4...I heard tonight that getting close to Hashem has been proven to alter our neurological brain waves. This process has qualitatively been defined as meditation ..the context I heard it confirmed in, meditation is synonymous with getting close and or spending often loads of time with Hashem. This vaidation is a breath of fresh air considering alot of health care professionals suggest only meds can alter neurological brain waves. I find when I want to overcome or transform an addition, like unintentional loshon hora, which almost always happens when im insecure, I pray often and at length as well as Talk with a sponsor ...maybe mashbia is synonymous with sponsor..and I'm she often tells me in her words "pray ur buns off"... I listen cuz I want what she has and I don't need to reinvent the wheel to get her serenity. I work at it one day at a time.
Second suggestion, what the documentary, The Seal of Truth. Hatzlacha..

Puah yiska

PS..strong suggestion :Purchase/ treat ur self to a present, Rav arushes lessons translated by Rav Brody into English, immediately!!! A couple favorites of mine r Gog and Magog, debt free living ,self esteem(I think That's the title..CD had picture of a deer on it and Hashem loves me. Hatzlacha rabba.

Account Deleted

I would highly suggest for anyone suffering with the issue spoken about above- Check out this wonderful site

I know hundreds of Jews being help on that site with this issue.

Account Deleted

I would highly suggest for anyone suffering with the issue spoken about above- Check out this wonderful site

I know hundreds of Jews being help on that site with this issue.


steve keep going, you'll get there iw ould love t be touch with you - email me if you can - take out the full stops i am putting in to the email address, the entire thing should read as one word when you send th eemail.

best wishes

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