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Thursday, 08 October 2015


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Miriam Sara

Shalom Aleichem everyone.

Baruch Dayan haemes 馃槗 and refua shleima to those who are recovering from stabbings and deep sorrow.

I am in perpetual shock and at times get frustrated when I see everyone trasnistionong smoothly in this situation. My shock is expressed in that I want to press freeze or rewind or believe that reality isn't reality but I'm here B"H waking up daily, functioning .... Business as usual.馃槗

I am explaining I take seriously what has happened. I feel it. It hurts so bad. It's a nightmare. I spontaneously cry in shul during shabbos davening .... No word to smooth this reality..... Only committed action and surrender to this must be what Hashem wants. I don't need to scream it from the rooftops but I do choose to be a Bas Yisroel and and a composed example representing a drop of emu a and bitachon.

R'Brody you remind us again of fundamentals and illustrate well in the comic what we all believe eventhough we have no control of the outcome.

Ain od milvado....

I get this.... I daven now for Hashem to please show us he is here and cares. How much more does Hashem need to see to recognize he has all of our attention focused on his will?

He made this word and loves all people but says we are beloved to him. Well the timing is right for Berashis.... Avraham searching for Hashem as a toddler.... Back to basics to learn the struggle we have today goes back a few thousand years.

Hatzlacha rabba everyone and may the Almighty, Hashem, merciful G-d, watch over you and bless you and protect you, amen.

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