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Monday, 07 March 2016


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Nathan Stein

you should also take magnesium supplements which have been leeched out of your system by the diuretics, caffeine in the coke, and by the sugar. Also, how is your vitamin D?Dr Dov Stein, naturopathic and medical practitioner

Cherie Murdock


Yes Rabbi! We are given a gift of life from Hashem, and we are to honor Him and that gift by taking care of our bodies. There are wonderful testimonials of Omega 3 helping with kidney problems as well. There is a new, wonderful Omega 3, from the Holy Land, please check out my website for more information.


Shavua tov!

Dr. Cherie Murdock, Chiropractor

Ita Abrahamson

Does artificial sweeteners include sucrazit?

Yaakov Bar-Nahman

On the button dear Rav Lazer;
I will add that if people knew what was in the cola drinks they would freak out! Among other things Phosphoric Acid! Put a chicken bone in a glass of cola & check it next day. You won't find it. Most colas have tons of caffeine & sugar. The fake sweeteners are a disaster, even sucralose which is taunted as being natural made from sugar BUT they break off 1/2 the molecule & they replace that with chlorine!
Omega 3 is very useful but a pity to buy overpriced MLM products. You can get good results buy taking a good quality Kosher fish Omega 3 once a day, & a flax sourced once a day. Some people benefit from Chia some don't.
Vit D MUST be D3. If a blood test shows less than 30 NG/ML you don't have near enough. Also your B-12 should be at least 400 (but not more than 800).

Yaakov Bar-Nahman; Classical Homeopath & Natural Nutritionist over 30 years experience.

Cherie Murdock


Omega 3 is a very wonderful product, and it is a pity that some would degrade and call into question the integrity of those of us who believe in the purity and quality of the Omega 3 from Israel. This is not the place for such a discussion, but if you would like to discuss this further, please contact me via my website.

Fish oil is replete with problems, such as mercury, and PCB toxicity- not to mention that the Omega 3 from Israel has 50% ALA, and is self-stabilized by anti-oxidants, so it does not oxidize as flax oil does. The clary sage oil has no bad taste, or aftertaste either. Not to mention that by using the Omega 3 from Israel, we are supporting the Land, and people of Israel.

Dr. Cherie Murdock

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