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5 Plank Variations

Today's emuna-fitness lesson shows three levels of planks - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

For the beginner, as well as for seniors and mothers after childbirth, there's the beginning form of the plank on the knees.

For the intermediate, there's the standard form of the plank in pushup position or classic elbow position.

For the advanced, there are 3 additional forms (with many more to be taught in the future, G-d willing): the side (oblique) plank, the one-leg plank and the medicine-ball plank.

All these exercises are superb for developing core strength and much preferable to situps and crunches. We hope you find them worthwhile and enjoyable, especially when you see how they help firm your midsection and enable you to wear those trousers or skirt that you haven't fit into for a long time.


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