Courage or Conformity
Lacking Time to Exercise? Try the Medicine-Ball Pushup

Get it Right!

Get it Right
The harder one challenges the body, the more critical good exercise form becomes. That's why fitness  trainers yell their war cry, “Get it right!”, anytime they see someone doing an exercise in bad form...

There's no personal trainer in the world so concerned with our emotional, spiritual and physical fitness like Hashem is. Hashem wants to bring us Geula and Moshiach; as you'll see in my feature article of this week's exciting new issue of Breslev Israel magazine, Hashem is yelling at us - lovingly - to Get it Right!

This week's Torah portion is Korach; we learn that those who fan the fires of dissension should be forewarned that in doing so, they are putting the lives of all their family members at risk. Don't go there, as we write in our elaboration, The Killer Tongue

Rav Shalom Arush says that we all must admit that we can't overcome our evil inclination without Hashem's help. Yet, some people prefer to live in denial. They hide, as we see in No More Hiding. 

Rebbe Nachman's famous tales are timeless and ever so relevant to our generation, as Racheli Reckles shows in her contemporary rendition of "The Clever Simple One".

We can continue to chase after the latest psychological fads that leave the real solution completely out of the picture, or we can choose a better method, writes Dr. Zev Ballen in The Latest Fads.

If there is one thing that living in Eretz Yisrael has taught Natalie Kovan, it’s that there is no longer any need to upgrade, once you have finally upgraded by living here, as she writes in The Olden Days.

Depressed? Well, you shouldn’t be. These seemingly negative situations will actually bring about the awakenings in the Jewish People and humanity in general, as Yael Karni concludes in Awakenings.

David Perlow shows that sometimes, to effectively raise our children in Torah, we must put aside our own spiritual priorities in order to make sure that we instill the joy of Torah living in our children. Be sure to see Your Kids and Torah.

Dovber Halevi says, "Sorry to dispel the horror stories, but bottom line: you can live just as comfortably and enjoyably here in Israel as you can in America or anywhere else for that matter". No Longer a Sacrifice means that it's high time to come home.

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