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A Day of Insanity

Shavua Tov, everyone! Racheli here. Summer is here in all of its humid, sweltering glory. That means crazy high electricity bills from the air being on full blast and the washer and dryer working around the clock. I seem to be developing laundry-itis. The kids love their pool, but the laundry is really getting to me. Even though I try to get them to re-use the towels and bathing suits (does that make me a bad and lazy mother, or just very eco-friendly?), the loads just keep piling up. I need to get out of the house more. 

Actually, that's another part of the problem. I have been getting out of the house; too much, in fact. Drive kids to school/camp. Go food shopping. Take hubby to work. Go home and do dishes. Straighten up house. Throw in another load of laundry. Fold the loads that have been sitting all crumpled up on my couch for the past two days. Go food shopping at another store. Pick up kids - at three different times. Take kid to after-school program. Take other kid to tutor. Pick up kid from after school program. Pick up kid from tutor. OMG what about dinner?? Bathe all of the kids! Bedtime wars for an hour! It's a day of insanity! 

I'm pretty sure that for most of us, almost every day is like this in one way or another. We all have so much pressure and demands on us, and it's amazing that we accomplish as much as we do without going crazy. Maybe we do go crazy at one point or another, but I think that's normal. So I'll tell you the thought that reset me at the end of this crazy day. 

Thank You, Hashem, for the money to pay my electricity bills. Thank You for my working washer and dryer. Thank You my kids' awesome rooftop pool with a killer view. Thank You that I have kids to do laundry for. Thank You that I have a car to drive. Thank You that I can afford after-school programs and tutors. Thank You that my husband has a job. Thank You for the food in my fridge. Thank You for giving me everything I need and more. Thank You for my legs that run around nonstop. Thank You for my health and the health of my family. Thank You for everything that You do for me, Hashem. 

It's all about gratitude. Yes. Gratitude really is the answer to everything. 

Try it at the end of your crazy day, and tell me how it made you feel!


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Yes. Yes. Yes.
Here's my gratitude: thank G-d you have blogged this so that I do not appear to be the only one doing and thinking these things! :)

David C Rubim

Thank you my mom had a blood infection almost passed twice but the hospital is across the street from her condo and all was fine until after surgery apparently my mom had a heart episode during surgery but BH she is home now and BH for technology on Shabbos my wife had to go to urgent care with 4 bacterial infections she came home with 4 perscripions at 4 pm pharmacy closes at 5 pm but got all meds BH again

However until I read your article have to admit my Emunah and gratitude was minimal so thank u for reminding me


Thanks so much, Leah! You're in good company...


That's great, David! You did the best thing in such difficult situations. Recognizing the little miracles is a wonderful way to strengthen your emuna, especially when you can't see the point of what Hashem is doing. G-d willing your mother and your wife will have speedy and complete recoveries!

Tena Valenti

This is an encouraging article, Racheli. Thank you for your transparency. Since discovering Rav Shalom's Emunah books, a couple of years ago, I've done so much better with the gratitude attitude. Now when I have a complaint, i.e., my feet hurt, immediately HaShem helps me think, "But thank You, HaShem that I HAVE feet to walk!" Or, I'm so tired... Oh! "Thank You, HaShem for perfect health!" Etc, etc... Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Š

P. S. I would love to see a photo of you so I can have a face in my mind while reading your uplifting articles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mr. Cohen

THANK YOU HASHEM for giving me abundant clean pure air to breathe.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath I take.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath in.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath out.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath I take during the day time.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath I take during the night time.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath I take when I am awake.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath I take when I am asleep.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath I took during my childhood.
THANK YOU HASHEM for every breath I took during my adulthood.


Beautifully written, Mr. Cohen!


Thanks, Tena! Email me. racheli@breslev.co.il

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