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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


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Dear Rabbi Brody, hope you are taking good care of yourself. You are giving so much to the world with your emuna outreach work, and we should all be grateful you for your books and shiurim. I ll be praying for your speedy recovery.

Elena Kuchik

Refuah Shleima! What is the full name of rabbi Brody to daven for refuah shleima?


Wonderful to 'see' you and hear from you again.
You were greatly missed.
Our Loving Father has just made us appreciate even more all the time you give to us each day.
Good wishes,


A test of Emuna indeed! Baruch Hashem you did not need any drastic treatment and have moved to a moderate, healthy & sustainable exercise program. May you have many more healthy years physically and spiritually!


Eliezer Rafael ben Chasyia, if I am not wrong le refuah shelemah and a good, long and happy life!


I believe the Rav's name for prayer is haRav Eliezer Raphael ben Chasia.


Once again, from my heart to yours, thanks so very much. Your prayers and blessings mean so much to me. My Hebrew name is Eliezer Raphael ben Chasia.

Yisrael Werner

Rabbi I also have atrial fibrillation and have undergone electrocardio reversion.the danger is from blood clots that can cause a stroke.as long as you are taking blood thinners daily such as xarelto you can not die from atrial fibrillation.you will probably need rhythmic medication.i hope they determined what causes your atrial fibrillation.what surprises me is you couldn't feel you're heart was out of rhythm.that is rare.as long as you take blood thinners do not ever ever undergo electrocardio reversion.your body will naturally return to normal heart rhythm even if it takes a few days.i recommend you make an appointment with dr.jonathan Balkan who runs the cardio surgery dept at sharei tzedek hospital in yerushalayim.he is considered by many to be the best heart expert in Israel.refuah sheleimah.

Miguel Rodriguez

Hello my dear rabbi, I knew something was wrong when you cancelled the shiut! My name is Mijael.ben Abraham from miami, I am your follower, I also was diagnosed with atrail fribillation two month ago, they gave me the electrical.cardioversion, but my heart went back to a annormal rhythm. I dont have health insurance, so I will pray for you, and you will pray for me

Lauren Zahavi

Refua Shelemah. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Might I suggest adding traditional tai chi to your regimen.


I had an irregular heart rate for years. I found that taking a good multi mineral and adding a good sea salt to my diet helped. I never before added salt to my diet before that!
Peace and blessings to you!

Kapel Coolac

B'H- my dear Rav Lazer Brody, Refua shelema dear Rav. May HaShem give you complete and speedy recovery. May you live to 120 dear Rav. We are keeping you in our prayers. Na Nach!


B"H" Rabbi Bordy:
LOL form Roger & Rochelle I Cleveland


I wish Heavenly Father,make a good recovery ....thank you for all the teachings GOD' chosen people......Bless be ISRAEL the HOLY land.....

Sarah Heinisch

Refuah Shleima R' Brody!

Serach Yael

Refuah Shlayma Rabbi Brody.


Refuah sheleima Rav Brody,

May Hashem bless you with long healthy years

Debora Yarin Eskenazi

Rabbi Lazer Brody BH you are healthy again. I did not you was ill , today I decided to look over internet your website to recieve inspiration you are very important in ours lifes . I want to pray for you for you lives until 120 old . Excuses for my English I speak Spanish. Thanks to HaShem because you are alive.


Refuah Shleimah Rav Brody.
How merciful of Hashem to help you find this otherwise undetected heart irregularity, and to have the means to correct it.


@Miguel, afib is not a death sentence. The important thing is to eat lots of vegetables and stay away from fattening and unhealthy foods. Exercise in moderation and don't do anything too stressing on your body. If you have a Chinese doctor in your area, it would be a great idea for you to see him. Chinese medicine is fantastic, and it looks at the cause of your health issues. Your afib might be a symptom of some other imbalance in your body, and this is just the way your body is expressing it.
Thank Hashem that you don't have health insurance. This way you can look into treatments that actually help fix the problem at its root.

Mr. Cohen

Rabbi Lazer Brody,

Your job in this world is far from finished.

Millions of Jews who never heard you before need to hear you,
and those who heard you before need to hear you again.

You can't die because WE NEED YOU for at least another 25 years.

Mr, Cohen

Yoni Raziel

Baruch HaShem that you returning to your previous healthy state. The question I need to ask is does Rabbi Shalom Harush have the Holy Spirit that supersedes standard medical practice. is this not a case of testing HaShem and relying on miracles ?


It's a great question, Yoni, and I'm answering you because I just wrote something about this today. Keep an eye out for it soon on the Breslev website. The thing is, Rav Brody didn't need the treatment, as he later found out via lots of research and a second opinion from a cardiologist who does cardioversions. After consulting a holistic doctor, he discovered that a healthy diet and exercise within certain boundaries and proper supplements is enough. We should never take what doctors tell us at face value. It's important to know that there are usually other options if the situation isn't acute.

David Avraham

Refuah Shelema! I have great confidence you will gain all of your strength back. A simple regimen of soft gentle movements-coupled with relaxed concentration will aid greatly in your recovery.

king mashiach

Rabbi, Rabbi, Rabbi !!!
Maybe I know what is this heart arythmy... I have this too since a few weeks... It's a telepathic contact with Elera, the jewish extra-terrestrial gods... I have this incredible aryhtmy too... don't go to the doctors... Try to mentaly communicate, on syllabe on each beat... I have this too... I think you are contacted like me... I have telepathicaly talked with Elera about you... and King Mashiach... We have the covenant with Elera for the end of times... Have no fear dear rabbi... I'm sure this is the same telepathic contact arythmy that I have too this summer... It can't go in the heart and even on the right side of the chest, and in the hara zone of the belly and even pulsating in the brain... I'm a levi reptiloid jew... Seriously on the holy Torah dear rabbi... Try to communicate with Elera... You shall see UFOs too... contact me cdebridiers@jmazal.com +33 622 9417 33

Many blessings !!!

Don't worry !!!

I'm sure this is the Elera telepathic contact attempt with you... Focus mentally on communicating with on syllabe on each beat...

probably you will also have the pulsating beat in the brain...

you will see

King Mashiach Now !!!

king mashiach

correcting : i CAN go in the heart and also in other zones of the chest and the belly, and in the brain...

It's a natural telepathic phenomenon

have no fear !!!

Elera !!!

You shall see UFOs !!!

They told me they created Earth and the initial Kingdom of Israel on Earth a long time ago, called Eraïm.

They are highly ultra tsinout and highly ultra ultra ultra orthodox !!!

They are looking for all the real souls, the real neshamot on Earth and give the covenant to all those who can, the real neshamot in a mission for Hashem.

They call Hashem in the pre-messianic language they are delivering to me Elaïs

They call the neshama Eremis

The UFOs are called Elemek and Elemerek for the bigger ones.

Elerimaï is the name of the divine birth.

I'm a Levi, real Levi King, you can believe me !!!

I have seen hundreds of UFOs apparition the last weeks synchronized with telepathy, the arythmic communication with the heart and also with brain.

You shall feel when highly connected to very high truths what we call the aramaï, it's like an energy vibration around the head, and which can also spread around all the body... when reaching a very high truth, you shall feel the aramaï, a divine "vibration", "energy", a high well being, a high very high positive feeling of well being, like magical waves around your body...

I'd be pleased to talk to you.

King Mashiach very soon... Here...

+33 622 941 733


pinchas baram

shalom rabbi-- all the best to you. i have a few questions:

what was the advice that your rebbes gave, after you refused to take the drugs and the electric shock treatment normally given at the hospital?

since you serve as an example to many people, are you saying that in an emergency cardiac situation, one should refuse doctor's "orders"-- prescription drugs, etc.?

as for your preference (and mine, too) for natural herbs, accupuncture, Chinese medicine, and the like, are you aware that statistically the eastern approach is not fullproof, its success rate is overall probably less than that of western, invasive medicine?

when you first ventured forth to become physically fit to the max, how come you didn't have a full checkup, including stress test, beforehand, to make sure all your systems were ready to go?

sorry to say so, but I think that was a significant error on your part.

I suggest in the future you do a lot of walking (like the avot!); also very slow stair climbing. also, consult a holistic health practitioner in quantum healing or polarity therapy in order to promote energy to your heart chakra and meridians.

again, all the very best, rabbi................Pinchas Baram, Brookline, Mass.

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