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A Day of Insanity

Hangin' Up the Shoes

Retired Shoes
My wonderful doctor of Chinese medicine in Jerusalem spent three hours checking me from head-to-toe the day before yesterday. After tailor-making the Chinese-herbal remedy I'll be needing to take care of myself, she told me in no uncertain terms: my heart is incapable of meeting the demands that I've been making from it. I must slow down...

I have a tear in my eye but a song in my heart. I promise you that I'm happy and I appreciate the mind-boggling care that Hashem takes of me. But, I won't deny the tear in my eye of having to hang up my track shoes, which less than two weeks ago were sprinting with the wind at a pace that any person 30 years younger than me would have been proud of. Not only can I no longer sprint, but I can no longer run or even jog. Power lifting and kettle bells are out the window. I sold my weight rack. Jumping rope? No way! The extent of my current permissible exertion-level is brisk walking and light exercise like Pilates.

I've turned a page in life. Hashem wants me to redirect my efforts into more Torah and even more spreading emuna. That's exactly what I'm doing. It's all for the best - that's a no-brainer. I sincerely thank Hashem for my cardiac challenge. My time in the hospital and in the aftermath of adjusting to a new reality has given me a sorely needed opportunity for serious introspection and revamping priorities, something we need to do every day of our lives.

Since the purpose of life is to get closer to Hashem, anything that brings us closer is intrinsically good. My heart problems have brought me so much closer to Hashem, to qualify them as a rare gift from Above. Blessings for a wonderful Shabbat!


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Shalom Rabbi Brody,

Some years ago I seriously injured my shoulder. Part of my recovery from this injury was a course of Pilates.
I enjoyed this Pilates very much.
It produced positive results in agility, balance and strength in a matter of three months, all from just two one hour long sessions per week.
It taught me to lift from "The Core", which is a good way to protect the back.

Also too, some years ago I injured my shin and knee playing sports.
The result is I cannot run very much.
But I walk.
I spent a short time living in Israel.
I loved walking there, because I would change my route and see things along the way which I might otherwise have missed, then I could photograph, and sometimes meet people with whom I would had a chat.
It made me happy to walk.

I believe that drinking regular black tea (no milk) protects the heart.
I also have read that Olives do too.

Have you encountered an Israeli doctor named Dr. Shaul Eger?
He has a fascinating story of his experience of arrythmia and how he used olive oil to cure it.

Shabbat Shalom

YK (Jerusalem)

Welcome back and כל הכבוד to you for following your doctors' advice! As a former cardiac nurse, I've seen what happens when people ignore warning signs.

We need your energies and your heart full-time in emuna!

Esther Rachel

Rising to a new level, hence no need
for those shoes.


learn to listen to your body


B"H I really appreciate your outlook and humble approach toward HaShem's redirection of your life.

On the bright side, it's surely much easier to do hitbodedut while walking, rather than while sprinting! Baruch HaShem for that!

You're the best, rabbi Lazer. We all love you and adore you so much. Thank you for taking good care of yourself and ensuring many many more years for us to bask in your illuminating light.


Welcome to the club! All us middle aged "athletes" have to learn to tone it down at some point. It's no longer about pushing your body to its limits. Gentle stretching, yoga, and walking are great ways to keep the body ( and mind) healthy and supple. Enjoy the new track- it's wonderful too! Zei gezunt!

Mr. Cohen

Dear Rabbi Brody,

Can you get a second opinion, this time from a Jewish doctor?

Your fan,
Mr. Cohen


Hi Mr. Cohen! Rav Brody told me to let you know that he did in fact get a second opinion from a Jewish doctor. Stay tuned for my article that will give further details into this story. It will also explain why he refrained from following the traditional route of Coumadin/cardioversion.

Yosef A.

I am a distance running baal tshuva that met you about 9 years ago when you were visiting the States. I pray that whatever tikkun is necessitated by these news is quickly achieved and that you see a turn-around in your health that allows you to resume a more aggressive fitness regimine.

I also hope you keep posting on health and fitness from time to time.


Dear rav Brody, i owe y ou a lot, because it ils tanks to y ou i discovered rabbi Nahman. I am sad to read what happened and hope you will be able to run again soon! I keep shabat and learn tora and hasidut Breslev every day now, many years already, so thank you. And made aliyah from France to Israel.


That's wonderful, Dan! Keep up the great work. Hashem is so proud of you, and so are we!

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