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Meet Racheli

For a long time now, I've been entertaining the idea of adding a co-author here on the Beams team, which until now, was pretty much a one-person venture. I envisioned someone young, at least a generation younger than me. I had a tough bill to fill because I wanted someone with outstanding writing talents, intelligent, humorous, charismatic, compassionate and most of all emuna-oriented who is totally on board with the teachings of Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a and well-versed in my books as well.

Tough bill to fill, no?

Nothing is too tough for Hashem. He sent me a young lady who scores a 10 on every one of the things I was looking for. Her name (officially) is Rebbetzen Rachel Reckles. We all call her Racheli.

Racheli is the wife of Breslev Israel's distinguished Program Director, Rabbi David Reckles (see image at right - Rabbi David is decked in a tallit at the brit of his son Nachman, while I am Nachman Reckles bris saying the blessings of the name-giving).

Many of our readers are familiar with Racheli Reckles's articles on Breslev Israel. We're delighted to introduce her as our full-fledged co-author here on the Beams.

I got to know Racheli when she wrote me nearly eight years ago after reading The Trail to Tranquility. She was progressing on her path as a baalat teshuva, and had recently been introduced to the wisdom of emuna. We developed a nice connection, and soon enough, she was consulting me as her rabbi and spiritual guide. 

When I told her that we would be in Miami soon, she quickly arranged to sponsor an emuna talk, and generously offered her husband to be our driver and chaperone for our three-day stay. It was at our first personal meeting that I told the Reckles family they should make aliya in the next five years. They made it here within 18 months, and never looked back. 

Racheli began writing for Breslev Israel nearly five years ago. Now, she is one of our favorite writers, and her unique twist on emuna is enjoyed by thousands of readers every week. She loves to play the piano, exercise, and cook for her husband and her five beautiful and rambunctious boys. 
I'm sure you'll enjoy Racheli's articles and we thank Hashem for the privilege of having her on the Beams Team.  


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Dear Racheli welcome! I am sure I am but one of many many thankful readers who obtain much wisdom and enjoyment thru your witty and insightful articles on the Breslev Israel website every week - wishing you much success in all your endeavors and lots of nachat from your beautiful family!!


Thank you so much, Sarah!

Esther Thangjom Schomberg

Mazal Tov Racheli , may HaShem pave you a golden path to success !


Thanks so much, Esther!


I'm so excited Racheli because I couldn't get enough of you on Breslev Israel ! Much Hatzlocha!

Sherby Reckles

Racheli, you have proved over the years to be a woman of extraordinary talent in the projects you set your sights on. Doing all you do besides giving our family 5 grandchildren is a testament that you can do whatever you set out to do.
You made our family complete.

Chaya Ovadia

Mazal Tov, Racheli! Kol HaKavod!


Ruth, I just have to meet you! Thank you so much!!


Dad, I can't thank you enough for your beautiful words. I love you so much and I'm so happy that you are proud of me!


Looking forward to Racheli's contributions! An excellent addition to thr blog! :-)

Nomi Rubinstein



Racheli! Hashem has it that I'll b in Israel in 2 weeks time!
Let's get lattes!


Ruth, email me! racheli@breslev.co.il. But how about sharing glasses of champagne instead? lol


Thank you so much, Ima!! This is very, very exciting and it should bring you tons of nachat.


Thank you so much, Jacob! I honestly had no idea that my articles were that enjoyable. I thought I was the only one laughing!

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