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Friday, 22 July 2016


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Robert G van Dijk

Mazel Tov on the Bar Mitzvah!

May Yaacov Yosef always be a source of naches to his parents and grandparents, may he grow in Torah and Mitzvot and fulfill the dreams that his parents and grandparents have for him.

Blessings & Love always

Robert Gabel van Dijk, Amsterdam, Holland


Beautiful! Will write down this tfillah. Thank you for sharing.

Mr. Cohen

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski MD:

Praises we hear about a departed person may be untruthful.

A more reliable measure of the person is the children and grandchildren who survived him. If they are upright, decent, G_d fearing people, it is likely because parents and grandparents modeled these traits for them.

SOURCE: Reading for Adar 14 from Wisdom Each Day by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski MD, year 2000 CE, Mesorah Publications.

Mr. Cohen

Baba Sali, the famous Sephardic tzaddik [who lived from 1889 to 1984 CE] said that the life of a certain soldier had been saved through the merit of his having cleaned up the beth medrash and having straightened the chairs, when the rest of the troops had finished praying.

Something to Say (page 168) by Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, 1998 CE

Mr. Cohen

Rabbi Yerachmiel of Kozhnitz (the 6th Kozhnitzer Rebbe,
who died 13 Elul 1909 CE) said:

“Thank G_d, I am not jealous of a single soul, except
those Jews who have been able to go to Eretz Yisrael.”

Something to Say (page 98) by Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, 1998 CE

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