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Chaim Meir Erps: My Rebbe Nachman

This time of the year, we start to feel the anticipation and excitement of our upcoming Rosh Hashana in Uman. Here is a wonderful clip, full of images from Uman at Rosh Hashana time, by our sweet friend, the dynamic star of Jewish music, Chaim Meir Erps. It's in Yiddish and Hebrew, but you'll understand it. Get ready to dance...

By the way, here's some great news: our group in Uman has attained a few more rooms for Rosh Hashana. We have a fantastic English-speaking group with the best accommodations in Uman, our own private mikva, delicious food, mehadrin shechita and home-baked bread, and many more perks, such as our own private Shabbat dinner and shiur with Rav Shalom Arush and our own private davening on Shabbat. Would you like to join us? Call USA 1-786-350-3738 or Israel 054-543-2774, or write - hope to see you in Uman!


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Shana Tova Rav. Lazer wishing you and your family a healthy,happy and prosperous year...

F Callen

Is it really a good thing to spend this time in Ukraine, when the Israeli tourist economy could benefit instead? Especially when our old friends the Ukrainians are (apparently) going to charge $100 for admission and would prevent the grave being moved to Israel.

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