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Eyes Beyond Time

Eyes Beyond Time
Shavua Tov! We have a wonderful new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine this week:

Rebbe Nachman says, "Don't let this world fool you." Spiritual sight and material sight conflict with one another; the more a person regards the world with a material orientation, the less he enjoys spiritual insight, as you'll see in my feature article, Eyes Beyond Time.

This week's Torah portion is Re'eh. We know that the Torah is universal and its messages are timeless. Everything in the Torah has a message for posterity. With that in mind, for a long time, I had difficulty understanding the Torah's discourse about what happens when a member of one's family or a best friend tempts a person into doing idolatry. Who does idolatry nowadays? Then, Hashem opened my eyes and here's what I saw...

Rabbi Shalom Arush gives us a jump-start on preparing for Elul in First Step to Ascent. And, while we're in Elul prepation mode, let's see Pinney Wolman's The Greatest Act of Love.

Dr. Zev Ballen hits an emotional soft spot in When People Don't Smile Back.

Racheli Reckles reveals the best-kept secret in all of Ramat Bet Shemesh in The Eye-Blink Salvation.

David Perlow tells the moving story of 1st Sergeant Michael Levin ob"m in The Humble Hero

Did you enjoy that chunk of chocolate you ate on Shabbat? Jennifer Woodward says that we're behooved to express our Chocolate Gratitude.

Shai Mor tells a really important story in Always Accountable.

Bright Beams blessings for a great new week!


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