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Shabbat Devarim - Erev Tisha B'Av

It's Here! The Garden of Emuna for Young People

What could possibly uplift us from the exile and suffering that we lament on Tisha B'Av? The answer is more emuna. In that case, there's great news...

Freshly off the presses is the book that will excite the entire family - The Garden of Emuna for Young People, by Rabbi Shalom Arush, this generation's beacon of emuna. As the book's translator, I can't begin to tell you how fantastic this book is in both strengthening emuna and bringing it down to a practical, readily applicable level. You and your children will love this book. It's a pleasure to read and beautifully illustrated in color. The book is in hardback and contains 190 lovely chromo pages. Click here to order. Blessings for a wonderful Shabbat and an easy fast on Sunday.

Reminder: For those who have been asking, this Saturday night, Havdala is performed with a blessing over the candle and no wine or spices. Sunday night, we say the "second half" of havdala with a cup of wine and the hamavdil prayer.


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