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Hi All! Racheli here, and I'm thinking of designing shirts that say, "Women of Uman" on them. I'll send each brave and righteous woman a free t-shirt because she sent her husband to Uman for Rosh Hashana. I came up with this idea because a friend of mine asked me for my opinion about sending her husband to Uman for Rosh Hashana. I was like, "For sure! I don't really like the guy anyway." I know. I have a terrible sense of humor. Well, obviously I am slightly biased, since I have been sending my husband for six or seven years. My math is embarrassing and I'm so tired, so let's just round it up to seven.

Her main concern was that she would be alone for the biggest holiday of the Jewish Year. So I totally get it. It's not easy to be alone during a time when families are celebrating the new year together, enjoying 8-hour prayer marathons, eating 'til they can barely breathe, and quality time arguing with each other.

Plus, if you live in a place where you don't have family or close friends, or any kind of support system to help you get through the holiday, it can be even more lonely, and so much more difficult. I go through this every year, taking care of my five hooligans all by my lonesome self. Is it really worth all of the suffering you and your kids will have to go through, just so your husband can pray by a holy gravesite with 40,000 other men for two days?

My answer is an absolute YES.

Ladies, if you're on the fence, or even if you're adamantly against sending your husbands to Uman, consider this: Rosh Hashana is not the "New Year" in the traditional sense. It is the seed for the entire year. This means that any action done on these two days has far-reaching effects, into the coming year and beyond. It also means that any judgment passed during these two days will be realized during the following year, and the effects will manifest for the rest of your lifetime and beyond.

Rosh Hashana is a day when the Heavenly Court opens up your file and goes through it with an electron microscope. It is your two days in court, and all of your mitzvahs and transgressions will be presented as evidence. Based on all of the facts, the Heavenly Judges will decide on a verdict. You will experience their verdict over the coming year, with all of the blessings and hardships that it brings.

That is why we spend two days filled with intense prayers; so we can do our maximum to request a merciful verdict. But, let me ask you - would you ever act as your own defense attorney in court? Imagine if someone takes you to court for something you did. Would you really trust yourself to win your case? Or would you hire the best attorney you can afford?

Rebbe Nachman is promising us that he himself will act as our defense attorney on these most influential two days. In fact, he has said that his Rosh Hashana is more important than everything. To me, this means that he will go to the ends of the universe in order to secure for us a year filled with maximum blessings. The only catch is that you have to be present with him in the courtroom. Imagine a defense attorney saying, "My client is innocent of these charges, blah, blah, blah." But his client is too busy enjoying his wife's matzah ball soup to show up in court.

How many other tzaddikim are giving you such an unbelievable promise?

In life, the more valuable an item is, the more expensive it is. It's also true in spirituality. If you want tremendous blessings, they don't come for free. You have to do your maximum to earn them. So, two days alone isn't comfortable. It's not fun. But what's the payoff for your investment of two days? 363(is that right?) days of blessings above and beyond what you could have accomplished by yourself. 

Isn't that worth it? To me, it sure is.


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It's not two days. It's almost a week, since there is a nearby Shabbat plus travel time.


Julie, I was referring to Rosh Hashana itself. Those coming from Israel and Europe don't have to be there for Shabbat. In the big picture, a one week investment for a year + of returns is a very good deal.

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