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Saturday, 29 October 2016


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:-) ;-) :) ;-) ;-) :-)

and on and on my smile broadens, as I read, and i thank you once again Dear Racheli... Please keep up these writings, to me they are so precious, really mean that...

in the last two days, i was down.. :(, and sadly gave in to that horrid.. yetza hara...
A dear friend gave me a boost up... from afar though she be, just before Shabbat started (in this part of the world ) she reached out via email ... Hashem bless her and hers... Amen.

She is a Jew, i am Noahide, but truly grateful to Hashem and to lots of the Jewish nation, and Rabbis, that at least i am here now in this part of my long journey to come to know the truth... the truth of Hashem...
May Hashem bless each of them who helped me along to this time where I am now.. and still reach out to help me...B`H.

Then i came on today, and saw your new write up, and like one thirsty for a smile, came to read up again... and yes... i smiled and smiled.
Thank you Racheli... Again your last para.. made my smile broader... :) you naughty sweet you...

Have a lovely week - you and yours and all who come to read your lovely write-ups.

sending you warm hugs.


Ziporah, YOU put a smile on MY face! We all have our "down" days. It's okay! BTW, are you in touch with Jennifer Woodward? She's our amazing Noahide writer. You should contact her! She can give you some great spiritual support as well, and I believe she hosts a Noahide telephone conference every week. Her email is jenniferjwoodward@gmail.com.


Toda Racheli,
I will get in touch with Jennifer, bli neder.

just need to talk and talk so much crops up in my mind.

Will have to make sure I do not talk (like email talk. if there be such a phrase 馃槼), As I tend to say too much, and then ... well it gets to be difficult for the person being asked too much.So will try to behave and not talk-write too much.
Will let you know how it goes.
Hope you have a lovely sun shiny week, and think of new ways to make your readers smile.

Hashem bless you and yours.

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