Parshat Breishit: The True Meaning of "Good"
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Hello, Kapparah!

Shavua Tov! I hope your Shabbat was great. Let's start the week off with a pop quiz. Doesn't that make you feel all nostalgic for school? Don't you just miss those dreaded days? So here goes:

In the past month, I have lost my:

a) house keys 

b) checkbook

c) brand new earrings that I didn't even get to wear yet

d) a large blue bag filled with all kinds of nice plastic table wares, such as plates, cutlery, napkins, etc. for Shabbat

e) all of the above

Now, if you may recall, if you don't know the answer, you're supposed to pick "c" for reasons beyond my limited understanding. But if you picked "c" in this case, sorry! You failed! The actual answer is "e!"

Yesiree. I really don't know what is going on with me. Why do I keep losing things?? It's so frustrating to not be able to remember where I put anything. Since I can't stand taking responsibility for anything (just ask my husband,) the real reason that things keep getting lost is because there is a secret black hole vortex somewhere in my house. I suspect that it's in the washing machine. 

Actually, I just came up with an even better possible answer. I think my husband is messin' wit' my mind. I think he hid everything at his office, just so he can see how frustrated I can get. Yes. This is definitely the reason. He's getting back at me for all those years I threw his stuff away without asking his permission. Most recently, he accused me of donating his Sukkot siddur to a local gemach, (a place where people can buy used stuff fo' cheap.) Of course I have no recollection of doing such a thing. 

One of these days I have to get over to the bank to check my account. I'm not in such a huge rush, because it's not like someone's gonna steal my millions. G-d willing, one day soon - like tomorrow - all of these things will just reappear. Until then, I have to accept all of these losses as a kapparah, a spiritual atonement for some transgressions that (fill in the blank) did. Like I said, I can't take responsibility for anything. Even typing that word hurts my fingers.

We should never think of our losses as random. Hashem has His own personal ledger, and He is keeping close track of what we owe and, well, what we owe. Because we really don't deserve anything. I'll share a little secret to happiness with you: consider whatever you get as a free gift, and whatever was taken from you wasn't really yours anyways. 

It's all for the best! At least, that's what I'm going to tell hubby as I steal some cash from his wallet to get me another pair of earrings. And while I'm shopping, I might as well look at updating my wardrobe too, no? 

Have a wonderful week!



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:-) ;-) :) ;-) ;-) :-)

and on and on my smile broadens, as I read, and i thank you once again Dear Racheli... Please keep up these writings, to me they are so precious, really mean that...

in the last two days, i was down.. :(, and sadly gave in to that horrid.. yetza hara...
A dear friend gave me a boost up... from afar though she be, just before Shabbat started (in this part of the world ) she reached out via email ... Hashem bless her and hers... Amen.

She is a Jew, i am Noahide, but truly grateful to Hashem and to lots of the Jewish nation, and Rabbis, that at least i am here now in this part of my long journey to come to know the truth... the truth of Hashem...
May Hashem bless each of them who helped me along to this time where I am now.. and still reach out to help me...B`H.

Then i came on today, and saw your new write up, and like one thirsty for a smile, came to read up again... and yes... i smiled and smiled.
Thank you Racheli... Again your last para.. made my smile broader... :) you naughty sweet you...

Have a lovely week - you and yours and all who come to read your lovely write-ups.

sending you warm hugs.


Ziporah, YOU put a smile on MY face! We all have our "down" days. It's okay! BTW, are you in touch with Jennifer Woodward? She's our amazing Noahide writer. You should contact her! She can give you some great spiritual support as well, and I believe she hosts a Noahide telephone conference every week. Her email is


Toda Racheli,
I will get in touch with Jennifer, bli neder.

just need to talk and talk so much crops up in my mind.

Will have to make sure I do not talk (like email talk. if there be such a phrase 😳), As I tend to say too much, and then ... well it gets to be difficult for the person being asked too much.So will try to behave and not talk-write too much.
Will let you know how it goes.
Hope you have a lovely sun shiny week, and think of new ways to make your readers smile.

Hashem bless you and yours.

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