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Introducing the Garden of Wisdom: Lesson #1

Here's the series we've all been waiting for, designed especially for the whole family, from ages 4 to 104.

What is so special about the Tale of the Clever One and the Simple One, and how is it different from Rebbe Nachman's other tales? Here is the first of our new series of lessons on the Garden of Wisdom by my esteemed and beloved teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush, which I had the privilege of translating. G-d willing, this shiur will appear regularly on the Beams every Thursday. We sincerely hope that you fully enjoy these lessons. Let's get started:


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Thank you and Gd Bless you too Rabbi Lazer Brody,

I liked this and looking forward to more stories as you tell from the book : Garden of Wisdom;

Hashem bless you and yours.


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