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Saturday, 22 October 2016


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Shavua Tov!

Racheli. I have been reading your page for quite a long time...
thank you.

This one you posted titled: My Fire will burn", made me laugh out loud. Thank you...

I love your sense of humour and your style of writng.

Hashem bless you and yours.



Chag samach.
I hope you have a wonderful chag so far. I thought I had to slave over a hot stove lol. Truth is we all do best for succot so it can be enjoyed by our family, even when you feel like you're being pooped. Just remember hashem likes it if you do your best.
I lose sight of this sometimes but its all good in the end. As for the elections. I don't know who belongs in jail or in the mental institution, sign I can't wait until the elections are over.

Elena Kuchik

that's hilarious! Hag sameach!


Thank you so much, Zipporah! You have great taste! I hope you had a wonderful Simchat Torah!


Yes, Messody, you're right on both counts. We're both exhausted, but Hashem is proud of us, and we're both terrified of the future President, whichever lunatic that will be. Hashem yirachem.


Elena, you have a fantastic sense of humor!


I gotta agree with the ladies above - Racheli, you are so funny! I can just hear Mike Myers's Linda Richman imitation right now, reading your article!

May we all have a geula-filled year!


OMG, Chava, I used to LOVE her!! Isn't it so sad she's not real? But maybe she really is... I know of a few Lindas like that. They get me so pheclempt!! And might I add that you have very fine taste! lol

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