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Rain and Redemption

Mazal Tov, everyone! It's Racheli, and I'm soaked to the bone! Today is our first rain of the season here in Israel!

The crazy thing is that no weather forecast predicted rain for today. Like, mamash (really) zero % chance. At least, not any that I saw, which was only one, and it was on my husband's phone. I don't know how they got it so wrong. It's not only raining; it's POURING with thunder and lightning! A real storm, I tell you!

There were no prior signs of rain in the sky, either. No gathering rain clouds, no drop in temperature, no drop in barometric pressure. I just had to write that so I sound smart. It's not bariatric pressure, right? I actually have no idea what that means. My point is that no one saw this coming. 

Now, there are tons of people scurrying around like ants trying to escape the path of the killer bug spray. I feel sorry for them. But I feel sorrier for myself, as my three older ones are currently running around outside, soaking up all of the rain through their shoes. I made them put, like, six jackets on, but they probably took them off. I think if anyone sees them outside, they'll probably say what a terrible and crazy mother I am for letting them play in a category 4 hurricane. Maybe I really am. 

This all-of-a-sudden rainstorm made me realize something: it's written that the Redemption will happen suddenly, without any prior warning. It's not like you're gonna check your smartphones one morning for the CNN updates and find in their weather section a 90% chance of Redemption called for the following morning. It's gonna happen pitom (all of a sudden.) Use that word in your vocabulary. You'll sound like a real Israeli.  

That's why we have to anticipate the Redemption every moment. Maximize your mitzvahs and talk to Hashem as much as you can. You certainly don't want to get caught unprepared!

Now I'm going to scream out my front door for my kids to get the heck inside this house right now, and then politely greet any neighbor who happens to pass by at the same time. 


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Elena Kuchik

Amen!!! Please, Hashem, Mashiach now PITOM!



Yet again another beautiful one...

This last paragraph:

'Now I'm going to scream out my front door for my kids to get the heck inside this house right now, and then politely greet any neighbor who happens to pass by at the same time. '

i could imagine in my minds eye you at the door: Big frown, screaming, neighbour passing,,, big smile ... and wishing the neighbour, and then the neighbour looking at you, frowning, then picking up walking speed, to get away fast. :-)... from you...

Thank you Racheli..!!

You are a beautiful ray of sunshine.
Shabbat Shalom to you and yours.
Hashem bless you all.



And in ny and Miami also was pouring!

Reb Shulem

Rabbi Nachman says in Sefer HaMidot (Midat HaTeshuva): when a Baal(at) Teshuvah prays for Rain, Hashem forgives all of her/his sins.

This is just one of the amazing gifts Hashem gives to those who return. There is also a beautiful prayer in the Amidah (Shema Koleinu) in some Siddurim, which asks for Rains.

The Talmud highly praises the days on which Hashem sends rain, and, even goes so "far" to say that the day on which it rains is like Matan Torah and bigger than the resurrection of the dead.

Let it rain!


Reb Shulem, that is so fascinating! Hashem forgives all of a BT's sins when he prays for rain? I'll be praying for rain all day long, then! Please continue to share more of your insights! Shabbat Shalom!

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