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Happy day-after the chagim, everyone! I (Racheli) am so completely disgusted with food right now. My stomach is so full and bloated, and all of my mental energies are focused on imagining the extra pounds away. I don't think it's working yet, but I have complete emuna that they will come off. In the meantime, I have nothing interesting to say, so let's just sit and stare at this picture, shall we?

It's the view from my side yard. Isn't it stunning? The picture doesn't fully capture the beautiful valley that leads into the coast. Way off on the hazy horizon is Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show the buildings, but I can see the entire skyline on a normal day. On a very clear day I can even see the ocean. If I can manage to confiscate my husband's phone again, I'll try to post a picture of this view at night. It's like you're in an airplane. 

It's amazing that in one tiny piece of land, you have mountains, plains, several types of desert, farmland, and beautiful beaches. In about six hours during the winter, you can drive from snowy mountain forests up in the Galil to warm beaches down in Eilat. G-d willing one day I'll actually be able to visit such places. My idea of a girl's day out is going to Osher Ad in Bet Shemesh proper. Whoo hoo. Or should I say, Boo hoo.

Like they say (whomever "they" is,) Israel really is a microcosm of the entire world.

And that's it. Nothing interesting to say. Until I come up with something, I'll just try to figure out how I can escape to a gorgeous seaside hotel without the kids and my husband noticing. 


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Whoo hoo!!

You did it again...put a smile on my face...!

Yes i indeedy did stare quite a while at the beautiful picture, and while you are focusing yourself to imagine those 'hard' earned pounds... i was staring at your beautiful picture and trying hard to will myself into the picture...
Boo hoo....

Alas... I failed..

Oh well, perhaps, someone will someday figure out how to fly right into ones computer ... hmm.. food for thought...

Eretz Israel is truly amazing and blessed... and all who are there are blessed by being there,
perhaps one-day, i could save enough for a visit... perhaps.. ..

Thanks once again. Hashem bless you and yours



Ziporah, G-d willing very soon you will have more than enough money not only for a visit, but for a beautiful villa in the hills! And I ain't talkin' 'bout Beverly Hills, though that would be nice, too! If you ever do come for a visit, email me!


Toda Rabah, Racheli,

Thank you, I do not have your email, but you have mine. :)

Also Racheli, I must inform you, if you do not already know, that I am not a Jew. I am B'H the next best thing one can be... Noahide.

I wanted to convert, but its not easy.. In my heart i think of me as a Jew :-). and I feel too that Hashem does not mind. I speak directly to Hashem .. i do Hitbodedut, have learned that from Rav Dror of Emunah Channel.
So there you are, and here I am.

One day, at least i may get to visit Israel, that will be a dream come true for me..

Keep writing Racheli, among all that is happening in this upside down world, your writings cheer up so many.. I am sure.. this i know.. it does cheer me..

Oh by the by, I have used your picture, as my screen saver, if i have done wrong, forgive me, and i shall remove it.. Its so beautiful, and i can see it more clear when it covers the whole screen.
Hashem bless you and yours, and keep you and all of AM Israel Under His Wings. But you all are protected, for the Land of Israel is guarded and protected, by Hashem .. Baruch Hashem!!
love to you..


You're doing great, Ziporah! Be proud of yourself! You live with an awareness of Hashem, and that's the most important thing. Keep in touch with me okay? racheli@breslev.co.il
Shabbat Shalom!

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