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The Way to the Light

"If you're sad, and you feel no joy...And don't know why...if you're lost, floundering around in the fog and darkness, and you don't know the way to the light...

Then come back, my sweet soul, yell with all your might to Hashem; He'll send you an angel to show you the way, and He'll lead you to the light."

Translation of course loses so much, but the above words are the essence of Yisrael Dagan's beautiful song, B'Derech El Ha'or.

My three very special friends, the Kisufim Trio - Mordechai Yitzhar, Moshe, and Aviel - are from the beautiful settlement Tekoah in the southeastern hills of the Judean desert. Tekoah is outside the area that would remain "Israel" (according to the Torah, it will be forever Israel, and that's all that matters) in the opinion of the UN and the current US government.

Worried? No way. We know that Hashem and Moshiach will establish the borders. Meanwhile, rather than worrying and fretting, we keep on singing.

Wait and see who's standing (and singing) when the final bell rings...

Meanwhile, have a wonderful Succoth and G-d bless always.


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Elena Kuchik

please keep posting more music on your page! that's the only page i let my kids go to listen for kosher music
hag sameach!

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